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Thursday, April 30, 2015

102 years old Dancer Sees Herself On Film For The First Time

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Saturday Happenings

As normal for Saturdays, I enjoyed talking with Jo Anne this morning. I talked a little but still not got anything decided on with things to do while I am visiting the Philippines later this summer. We want to have at least a few things schedule so we can make the best use of my time.

After, we finished talking my brother, Tim, can over and delivered a patio table and a swing for the back yard. I will need to paint the patio table and get some chairs but it is a nice addition to the house. I will talk with mom and a good place to put the swing. It is sitting on the patio right now but I want to have some more room to enjoy swing on it. I cannot wait to Jo Anne to get here so we can enjoy time sitting in the swing talking.

After my brother, left I started to get ready for the rest of the day and take my lunch. While I was getting ready I noticed I had a visitor in the backyard.

As I try to move around to get a better picture the turkey flew over my fence and ran across the yard of the house in back of us.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Paperwork,Trip Preparation, and Allergies

The last two weeks have been busy and interesting. I had what seemed like endless paperwork to do. I got the tickets and insurance for my trip setup. After all that my allergies acted up this past week.

I have been working on some paperwork for the last several weeks. I wanted to get it done before Easter but I failed at that attempt. I could not find a piece of paper I needed to finish it but I did find it after taking care of family over Easter. I managed to get the paperwork finished this past week.

In my last post, I announced that my vacation time was approved at work. I now have my tickets for my flight to the Philippines. I even extended my trip by a day and saved myself $100. I sprung for the travel insurance too. I am excited to have everything setup now. I cannot wait to be off to see my Love, Jo Anne. Jo Anne and I are trying to schedule out my time there so we can make the most of the short time I have. We are hoping we hear good news on her Visa before my trip.

This past week my allergies hit really bad this week. My eyes and nose have been burning. Nose have been running and I have been coughing like crazy. I would have done some posts here on the blog it I was not so drain of energy due to my allergies. I am still coughing but I am feeling better.

I am planning and hoping to focus a little more on doing more post on the blog now I have the paperwork I was working on done. Of course, I will make updates on my preparation for my upcoming trip to the Philippines.

Saturday, April 04, 2015

Coming To The Philippines This Summer!

Jo Anne and I have been planning for me to return to the Philippines since I left. We were waiting for her Visa to be approved but that is taking a lot longer then we hoped. We decided that I would come this year to visit. Back in January, I put in for my vacation time for the beginning of July. I had to wait for First of April to have my vacation approved. I received the approval of the whole two weeks that I put in for. I am so excited to be with Jo Anne again even for the short time it will be. I saved a few vacation days for when we get the approval for Jo Anne's Visa. We are praying we get the approval before my trip.

While there I will have to honor of attending my niece's wedding with Jo Anne. Jo Anne and I wish it was are wedding. I will also meet my other niece and goddaughter for the first time, that was born a month after my first trip.

Our plan is to post as much as we can while I am in the Philippines this summer. I know Jo Anne and I will be busy spending time together and visiting with family and friends. We are also planning to do a little sightseeing. We are looking forward to my upcoming trip and hope to share some of the fun with you here.

Friday, April 03, 2015

Day Of Rest And Working On Some House Projects

I had Good Friday off from work which has given me a long weekend. I did not do everything I planned to do today. I decided to take some extra rest instead of working on all the things I planned on doing. I did do a couple projects around the house after I rested most of the day.

The first project, I worked on was cleaning the area of the property on the outside of the fence in the back yard. I picked up the trash I could reach. There is some trash in the brushes that I cannot reach. I guess I will leave the mess there for now. I thinking of doing a fire to clear the area out. I will check with the fire department on the best way to do that. I know right now is not a good time to burn since there has been three wildfires in the area. One of them has burned over 700 acres. The last report I heard this afternoon it was 90 percent contained. I cleared the leaves off the steps from the back gate to the road. I will need to do some more work on that part of the property later.

The other project has been in the works for several weeks in the making. I needed to replace the shop light in the back room in the garage. The light was working before I brought the house but has not worked since I moved in. The reason it has been a project has been several weeks in the making is finding a new shop light. I was looking at getting a LED light from Lowe's but they are having an issue with the supplier of the light I wanted to get. I got a tip that Sam's Club had a LED shop light too. The light I was going to get at Lowe's was a hard wire light. The one at Sam's Club is plugged in a outlet. I got the light from Sam's Club last Sunday. I got it put up this afternoon. In the end the light from Sam's Club is brighter and cost less. I will have my friends Keith come over javascript:void(0);some time and take the old light out and put a new outlet in it's place. I will use the new outlet to plug the new light in so I can the outlet that I am using now for other things. I plan to clean out the back room now and setup the shelves for storage. Once I get the back room setup, I should have an easier time to organize the garage better.

Tomorrow, I will try to work a little more on the garage. I will check on the things I need to projects I plan for the front and back yard. I also need to install new outlets in my bed room. I have been thinking about rearranging my room but I will need to replace the outlets first. When I have the money I need to get new dresser set for my room. I most likely will wait for Jo Anne to get here so she can help pick out the new furniture.

I am glad the weather is getting warmer and the days longer. I hope to get some go projects done out in the yard and in the house.

I will be posting a exciting announcement tomorrow about something happening for Jo Anne and I. We cannot wait for it to happen.

Photo Of The Week: Violets In The Yard