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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Hey That Was A Cover Song?

There are a couple songs of songs I like to listen too that I found out it was a cover of another artist.

Here is a cover of the Jackson 5 by the Piano Guys. I hope you guys enjoy.

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Turning Thoughts To Summer

Now with the days getting warmer I have been thinking more about things to do this summer. I want to take some day trips around the area I live to go hiking and swimming. I have a few projects I want to work on around the house. I will be going to the Philippines this summer to send some time with Jo Anne. I am excited about the trip.

I want to be more active this summer in walking, hiking and swimming to help lose my extra weight. Besides, I enjoy the outdoors. I wish Jo Anne was here so I could show her the places I like to go to. I will take my friend, Seth, when I go swimming out at DuPont State Forest. I have brought some new swimsuits that I want to put to good use this summer at the lakes and waterfalls at DuPont. There is at least one waterfall there I like to go see that I have not been to yet. I need to get myself to start walking around my neighborhood before work.

With the first summer in my new house, I want to work on repairing and replacing some of the landscaping in the yard. I am not sure of all the different flowers and bushes that are planted in the yard. I need the clean out the flower beds and put fresh mulch down. I have wood, rock and bricks that need replacing the border the flower beds. I also need to install lighting out a lot the walkway in the front of the house and on the patio in the back. Of course, I need to get some patio furniture and grill so I can entertain family and friends outside. I have some repairs to the house caused by the winter storms.

I am really looking forward to my trip to that Philippines this summer. Jo Anne will attend the wedding of our niece. I am looking forward to see the rest of my Filipino family. I hope and pray we have good news on Jo Anne's Visa by then. I wish I had more time to spend in the Philippines. I love being in the Philippines. They are very friendly people and the food is wonderful.

I am planning on being very busy this summer and hope I have the time to share it with you here. I hope all of you have a great summer ahead.

Saturday, March 07, 2015

Work And Shopping

I have been working a lot of overtime at work the past couple weeks. It looks like I will be working a lot of overtime through the summer this year. We are making some changes at work in preparation for updating the computer system later this year. The extra money is great to have but it leaves me with little time to do anything else but work, sleep and eat. I always manage to find the time to talk with my Love Jo Anne. The time change is good to make it easier to talk. I hate I am going to have a hour less of sleep to night. Sunday is my only day off and has become the busiest day of the week for me with church, shopping for the house for the week ahead and meeting with my friend and mentor, Keith. This Sunday is going to be very busy with my niece's birthday celebration Sunday afternoon.

Friday, stayed up after I got home to work on things around the house and then headed out to go shopping for clothes before work. I got some two pairs of jeans and some running shorts. I got the jeans on sale for 62% off the regular price. I needed to get some good pairs of jeans for work. I believe these jeans will hold up compared to the cheap store brand I have been getting. With the sale I ended up paying the same price for the brand-name jeans as I did for the store brand. I have been planning when the weather start getting warmer to start walking and jogging outside. I do need to lose some weight. I am glad that for the last few years I have stayed stable on my weight. I went to the new sporting goods store in town to get a new pair of shorts. I got a pair of running shorts and a pair of jammers to wear under the shorts. If I keep the walking and jogging up, I plan to get another pair of shorts and jammers. I like the new store but I had to go all the way to the front of the store to find some one to unlock the fitting room so I could try the shorts and jammers on and make short they fit. They were only marked as large which does not mean much since each company sizes differently. When I go shopping in a store, I do not want the salespeople bugging me while I shop but I do not want to have to search all over the store to find help.

While I was looking for someone to help me, I find out my friend, Joey, works at the sporting goods store. He was just there to pick up his check but he helped me find someone to help me. The lady who checked me out, I used to work with. I guess I have two reasons there to go shopping there again. I try to help out my friends and people I know as much as I can. I just hope the sporting goods store gets some more people to work the floor and not just the cash register. I know you are in business to make money but please tell me you are not just in business to make money. Tell me you want to provide me goods and services for the money I give you. I work hard for my money, I am not just going to hand it over to you in exchange for cheap stuff. I am big on customer service when I go shopping. I will be while to pay a little more for good customer service and good quality products. I believe in the long run it save me money.