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Sunday, February 15, 2015

The Toilet Project

This weekend project was to only be only replacing the volts that attach the tank to the bottom of the toilet. I had a leak from one of the volts. It looked like a easy project for me to do on my own. I went to Lowe's and got the replacement volts Saturday afternoon and started working on the project after picking mom up from work. I turned the water supply off and got the water out of the tank. I started to take the old volts out. When I started to loosen the volts the head of the volts just broke off and plastic wing nut on the bottom would not more at all. None of the tools I had would work in loosening the volts. I called my friend and mentor, Keith, and ask him if he could come over to the house and help me out with the more difficult project then I first thought.

After church, Keith came over to my house and helped me with my project. He ended up having to cut the plastic wing nuts off with one of his power tools. They were on there super tight. After, some work we got both volts off and replaced. The bad thing is the toilet was still leaking after we got the toilet back together. We headed out to Lowe's to get a new seal that goes between the tank and the bottom, new waterline, and a new flapper. When we got back from Lowe's we took the toilet apart again and replaces the seal and tighten the volts some more. While Keith changed out the waterline, I replaced the flapper. After we finish replacing everything, we turn the water back on to the toilet and I am happy to say no leaks.

I am thinking at some point about remodeling that whole bathroom. That will be when I have money and after Jo Anne gets here.


Valerie said...

Thank goodness for people like Keith. So glad you got it fixed.

Dan the Mountain Man said...

Valerie ~ Keith is a great friend. I am glad I got it fixed too.