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Sunday, February 22, 2015

Look Back At One Icy Week

With the ice storm Monday night and the record breaking lows this week, it has been one ice filled week. I feel for the people around Boston. I am glad we did not get that much snow but I would have liked the snow instead of the ice. Snow is easier to drive in then the ice. I managed to get a path cleared from the house to the road on Saturday. Sunday afternoon with the rain and warmer temperatures most of the ice melted away. I feel I wasted my time clearing the walkway now.

They closed the warehouse halfway through the shifted on Monday night. I should have gone home sooner. I did make it home safe but I hated having to park my car so far away from the house and walk the rest of the way. I did not go to work on Tuesday and Wednesday due to road conditions and I got sick too. I made one of the day off up by having to work Saturday. This coming week there is overtime scheduled.

Things went good around the house. The only damage I can see in the gutter on the one side of the garage has pulled away from the roof. I will have my bother look at that and have him help me fix it. I laid in bed a couple night this week and listened to the house pop from the cold temperatures. The house is insulated very good at I do not think I would have to worry about the pipes busting but I still left the water running on the really cold nights. I am planning on making sure I have enough ice melt to take care of the walkways in front of the house and part of the driveway through at least two storms. I also need to make a plan to the walkway between the house and the garage.

I need to get a different shovel to use to clear the walkways when it is ice more then snow. I have a snow shovel but it did no good with the ice. I used a hoe and a pointed shovel to clear the steps out front and the walkways. The ice was so hard in places the shovel and hoe just balanced off the ice.

As time goes on, I will be more prepared for different storms and see things I can improve around the house. I am glad that the house stayed warm all this week. I still need to get the wood stove inspected so I can use it for heat if the power goes off in a storm. Of course, when I get things for the patio for summer fun I will have a grill I could use for cooking.

Now with all this said, it feels good to know that I have the responsibility of taking care of things when things happen. I saw on the news the place I live was without water again during the ice storm. In the over four years that I lived there, every time the weather got cold the waterlines would bust leaving the people who live there with no water. My old landlord is in more trouble with the state over the water system. I thank God that I am not there now but my time living there severed its purpose. My pastor's sermon on Sunday Morning, summed up my life experience of plotting on and seeing things through.


Valerie said...

Let's hope the icy weather doesn't return. I hate ice and I'm thankful that so far our winter has been free of it.

L. D. said...

That coat of ice puts a completely different angle on things. We took a break here in Iowa but now we are looking at a snow dump for the next few days. We too just don't go anywhere when the roads get to be so bad. I hope thinks melt down for you and things can get back to a little more normal.

Dan the Mountain Man said...

Valerie ~ It snowed last night. We have about an inch here. No ice, Thank God.

L. D. ~ It snow last night but I managed to get out with no problems since there was no ice mixed in. The ice does make it a different story.