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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

I Want Snow, Not Ice!

I am iced in the house now. We got a wintery weather storm here in Western North Carolina. We had a mix of snow, sleet, and ice. Unfortunately, we got more ice last night then snow.

My sister, Lisa, and my brother-in-law, Scott, are spending a couple days to celebrate their birthdays. We had a good dinner at the Twin Dragons Buffet is Brevard, North Carolina on Sunday night. I went shopping yesterday afternoon, to get a few things for the house. It was crazy at the store yesterday. We got all we needed at the store but I do not think everything made it home with us. Mom was going to make lasagna but could not find the noodles when she went to make dinner.

I went to work last night and stayed to they sent us home at 8:30. It took me almost an hour to get home last night. Trip home normally takes me 20 minutes. I made it almost home with the car. I ended up having to park my car at the store at the other entry to the subdivision. I walk about a quarter of a mile to the house with a small mag-lite to light my way in the freezing rain. I was glad the snow and ice on the ground was soft so I sunk down as I walked helping not to slide. The morning walk down to the was a different story. The top froze over in the night. I made it down to my car in the morning but could not get the car open with the ice froze the doors shut. I walked back home and waiting for the temperature to warm up. At noon, I walked bad down to the car and management to get out on the road and go to the post office and the store to get a couple things. I was happy to get the car up to the house but I have decided not to go to work tonight. I am sure I could make it to work okay but it is the getting home I am worried about. Everything that melts today will refreeze when the temperature get in the teens tonight. I do not want to walk on ice in the dark. I would hate to fall and no one be able to see me until the morning.

Today is suppose to be the warmest day this week and this is just above freezing this afternoon. I hope the roads are clear enough to travel tomorrow. The bad thing is they are calling for more bad weather on Friday. Right now it looks like ice. I want snow. I can travel in snow.

Rayna enjoying having Scott around.


Valerie said...

My word, you do have it bad. We've been lucky this year but I don't want to brag about it just in case it changes.

joeh said...

Snow can be bad, Ice is impossible.