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Friday, February 27, 2015

Photo Of The Week: Snow Tree

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Out In The Snow

The snow in the front yard.

Table on patio with 5 inches of snow on it.

I am glad the snow was easy to clear off the driveway.

This morning the road where still being worked on but in okay shape.

After dropping mom off at work, I heading to Wal-Mart.

The parking lot at Wal-Mart.

Rayna playing in under the brushes.

Rayna playing in the snow.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Double Shot Of Snow

I left work early tonight due to the second round of snow this week. The first snow was only about an inch no work missed for it. The storm tonight is suppose to being 5 to 9 inches of snow. I am so glad it is snow and not ice like last week's storm.

I spent the day before work paying all the bills that are due before the end of the month just in case I am not able to get out tomorrow or Friday. The first snow was easy to clean up and drive in. This snow is heavier and wetter. My mom and I should be in good shape even if we get snowed in as long as the power does not go out. The snow looks so nice around the house. Here is some pictures from the first snow this week.

The house in the snow.

The patio in the snow.

A bird had some fun between the house and the garage.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Look Back At One Icy Week

With the ice storm Monday night and the record breaking lows this week, it has been one ice filled week. I feel for the people around Boston. I am glad we did not get that much snow but I would have liked the snow instead of the ice. Snow is easier to drive in then the ice. I managed to get a path cleared from the house to the road on Saturday. Sunday afternoon with the rain and warmer temperatures most of the ice melted away. I feel I wasted my time clearing the walkway now.

They closed the warehouse halfway through the shifted on Monday night. I should have gone home sooner. I did make it home safe but I hated having to park my car so far away from the house and walk the rest of the way. I did not go to work on Tuesday and Wednesday due to road conditions and I got sick too. I made one of the day off up by having to work Saturday. This coming week there is overtime scheduled.

Things went good around the house. The only damage I can see in the gutter on the one side of the garage has pulled away from the roof. I will have my bother look at that and have him help me fix it. I laid in bed a couple night this week and listened to the house pop from the cold temperatures. The house is insulated very good at I do not think I would have to worry about the pipes busting but I still left the water running on the really cold nights. I am planning on making sure I have enough ice melt to take care of the walkways in front of the house and part of the driveway through at least two storms. I also need to make a plan to the walkway between the house and the garage.

I need to get a different shovel to use to clear the walkways when it is ice more then snow. I have a snow shovel but it did no good with the ice. I used a hoe and a pointed shovel to clear the steps out front and the walkways. The ice was so hard in places the shovel and hoe just balanced off the ice.

As time goes on, I will be more prepared for different storms and see things I can improve around the house. I am glad that the house stayed warm all this week. I still need to get the wood stove inspected so I can use it for heat if the power goes off in a storm. Of course, when I get things for the patio for summer fun I will have a grill I could use for cooking.

Now with all this said, it feels good to know that I have the responsibility of taking care of things when things happen. I saw on the news the place I live was without water again during the ice storm. In the over four years that I lived there, every time the weather got cold the waterlines would bust leaving the people who live there with no water. My old landlord is in more trouble with the state over the water system. I thank God that I am not there now but my time living there severed its purpose. My pastor's sermon on Sunday Morning, summed up my life experience of plotting on and seeing things through.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

I Want Snow, Not Ice!

I am iced in the house now. We got a wintery weather storm here in Western North Carolina. We had a mix of snow, sleet, and ice. Unfortunately, we got more ice last night then snow.

My sister, Lisa, and my brother-in-law, Scott, are spending a couple days to celebrate their birthdays. We had a good dinner at the Twin Dragons Buffet is Brevard, North Carolina on Sunday night. I went shopping yesterday afternoon, to get a few things for the house. It was crazy at the store yesterday. We got all we needed at the store but I do not think everything made it home with us. Mom was going to make lasagna but could not find the noodles when she went to make dinner.

I went to work last night and stayed to they sent us home at 8:30. It took me almost an hour to get home last night. Trip home normally takes me 20 minutes. I made it almost home with the car. I ended up having to park my car at the store at the other entry to the subdivision. I walk about a quarter of a mile to the house with a small mag-lite to light my way in the freezing rain. I was glad the snow and ice on the ground was soft so I sunk down as I walked helping not to slide. The morning walk down to the was a different story. The top froze over in the night. I made it down to my car in the morning but could not get the car open with the ice froze the doors shut. I walked back home and waiting for the temperature to warm up. At noon, I walked bad down to the car and management to get out on the road and go to the post office and the store to get a couple things. I was happy to get the car up to the house but I have decided not to go to work tonight. I am sure I could make it to work okay but it is the getting home I am worried about. Everything that melts today will refreeze when the temperature get in the teens tonight. I do not want to walk on ice in the dark. I would hate to fall and no one be able to see me until the morning.

Today is suppose to be the warmest day this week and this is just above freezing this afternoon. I hope the roads are clear enough to travel tomorrow. The bad thing is they are calling for more bad weather on Friday. Right now it looks like ice. I want snow. I can travel in snow.

Rayna enjoying having Scott around.

Sunday, February 15, 2015

The Toilet Project

This weekend project was to only be only replacing the volts that attach the tank to the bottom of the toilet. I had a leak from one of the volts. It looked like a easy project for me to do on my own. I went to Lowe's and got the replacement volts Saturday afternoon and started working on the project after picking mom up from work. I turned the water supply off and got the water out of the tank. I started to take the old volts out. When I started to loosen the volts the head of the volts just broke off and plastic wing nut on the bottom would not more at all. None of the tools I had would work in loosening the volts. I called my friend and mentor, Keith, and ask him if he could come over to the house and help me out with the more difficult project then I first thought.

After church, Keith came over to my house and helped me with my project. He ended up having to cut the plastic wing nuts off with one of his power tools. They were on there super tight. After, some work we got both volts off and replaced. The bad thing is the toilet was still leaking after we got the toilet back together. We headed out to Lowe's to get a new seal that goes between the tank and the bottom, new waterline, and a new flapper. When we got back from Lowe's we took the toilet apart again and replaces the seal and tighten the volts some more. While Keith changed out the waterline, I replaced the flapper. After we finish replacing everything, we turn the water back on to the toilet and I am happy to say no leaks.

I am thinking at some point about remodeling that whole bathroom. That will be when I have money and after Jo Anne gets here.

Sunday, February 08, 2015

Weekend Of Friends And Family

I have enjoyed this weekend. I had the dedication and house warming party at my house Saturday night and this afternoon I went to my nephews birthday party. It was good to be surrounded by friends and family the whole weekend.

Saturday morning, my friends, Seth and Keith, came over to my house and helped me with the final preparations around the house. Seth and Keith worked on clearing the leaves up in the yard. I only cleaned my dogs deposits up in the yard. Fortunately, she only goes in like four areas in the yard, so it was easy to clean up with my new shovel I got last weekend. Keith got some hinges and hung the doors on my shed. It is nice to be able to close the shed up now and that it is not just wide open for people to see the jump I have inside. Inside, I was busy vacuuming the rugs wiping down the table and counter tops and cooking things for the house warming party. With Seth and Keith's help my house looked very good for the house dedication and house warming party.

The past few weeks, I have been so worried about getting things ready to the house dedication and house warming party. I managed the have the house looking clean and a good bit of food for the party. I made a Tex Mex casserole for the party that everyone liked. I found the recipe on the internet. I have not changed the recipe yet to make it my own recipe. I ordered some pizza online from Papa John's and it was delivered right at the prefect time when the first guests started to showed up for the house dedication. I will be ordering pizza online again some time. My pastor, Pastor Steve, did the dedication after all my guest arrived and we talked a little. He read form verses from the Psalms and Matthew and prayed. Pastor Steve is a man full of wisdom and one I have looked up to for as long as I know him. I am glad to have him as my pastor again. My Sunday school teacher and his wife and couple friends from church came. One of my mother's coworkers was able to make it. Everyone enjoyed the evening. I was so blessed to be surround by people who love and care for me. I truly have some great friends.

Even though I was tired, I skipped my normal Sunday afternoon nap, to attended, my nephew, Victor's birthday party. Mom and I got him some gardening tools. My sister had several kids, mostly from their neighborhood at the party. Victor looked like he had fun with his friends this afternoon. My sister, mom and I had a good time talking while the kids where busy playing.

This was a very enjoyable weekend and good to be surround by my family and friends. I am looking forward to having another party at my house when the weather gets warmer.

Sunday, February 01, 2015

Superbowl and 1000th post

I am not that big of a football fan but I try to watch at least the Superbowl each year. Yes most of the time, I watch for the commercials. I did not care for the commercials this year. I did enjoy the game even with the Settle Seahawks, who I was going for lost. I thought both teams played well. my favorite commercial this year was Doritos When Pigs Fly.

I hope everyone enjoyed the game. This is my 1000th post to Mountain Highs and Valley Lows. I hope in the next 1000 post to share some good news and share some interesting things with you guys.