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Thursday, January 08, 2015

Off To Bad Start For The Blog

I have gotten off to a bad start with posting on the blog this year. I have gotten busy with work and taking care of things around the house. Then I end up sleeping a lot when I am off of work and do not have something to do for the house or mom. I think my body is still recouping from being sick.

One of my goals for this year is to post at least three post a week. I missed the first week. I had a little scare when I could not find the USB cable for my camera. I did find it late last night. Too late to set the Food Journey post I was going to post this morning. I will post it next Thursday now. I have a couple other ideas for blog post which I guess I will need to work on this weekend.

Work at the warehouse has been slow but it is normal for this time of year to be slow. Some of the temps have been let go. The thing that has me worried is that there been no word on the pay raise for this year. The past couple years the announcement had been made before Christmas. One of my coworkers told me that This is not the latest they did the pay raise. I hope to hear something on it soon. Work soon start really picking up in March.

I have only sold three book so far this year but I have not listed any new book since before Christmas. I have done my book count for my taxes later in the year. Saturday, I will have my friend Seth to come over and help me organize somethings for my book store better. I am looking for a good year in sales this year.

I am planning a house warming party for the house. I have been pushing it back and back. I have it set for February 7th now. I will be inviting my pastor to do a house dedication, the realtor, who helped me find the house, and a couple friends so they all can see the house. I just need to get the invites out and call and talk with the pastor about the date.

I hope my plan to improve on my blog goes well this year. I hope you guys enjoy my post. Jo Anne and I are sure we will have some good news later this year for you. Thanks for reading and leaving the comments. I try to answer all them but I have miss one or two. Jo Anne and I enjoy hearing from our followers.


Valerie said...

You can't do everything in five minutes, Dan, and sometimes the blog has to take second place. Don't worry about it.

What a nice idea to have a housewarming party and to get the house dedicated.

Dan the Mountain Man said...

Valerie ~ I am looking forward to the dedication and house warming party.