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Saturday, January 24, 2015

Messed Up Sleep And Working On The House

If you guys noticed I have not posted in two weeks and not much since the beginning of the year. I have been having problems with my sleep lately. I normally have a couple days where my sleep is messed up now and then but this time my sleep seemed to stay messed up. After almost a month, I finally managed to be sleeping right and feeling rested after my sleep.

I hope, I continue to sleep good as I have the past few days. I have my house dedication and house warming party scheduled for the Seventh of February. My pastor will be doing the dedication and that I will have the house warming. I am excited to share the blessing of the new house with my friends. The past couple weeks I had plans to work on things around the house but with my sleep not being right I was not able to get it done. I got some of the work done this afternoon. I replaced the weather stripping on the front door. So far it seems to be cutting down the drift from the door. I am hoping that this will help cut down on the heating of the house. I also got the last of the curtain panels up in the living room.

My friend and mentor, Keith, is waiting for the light we picked to come back in stock. He will replace the light in the back of the garage with a LED light. The old light has not worked since I brought the house but it did work when I was looking at the house before I bought it.The new light is looks like it with be real bright, which will be great for the back of the garage. I hope in the spring, when the weather gets warmer to start organizing the garage better then it is now. I have shelves I need to put up and go through the boxes of stuff the I put in there when I was moving into the house.

I have started a compost pile in the back yard. I have been thinking of getting a compost bin in help the compost form faster. I plan to use the compost when I start working on the yard. The house has can with some nice landscaping. I will need to do a lot of cleaning and repairing of the flower beds. I want the yard to look good and be a great place where my mom, Jo Anne and I to enjoy our time outdoors.

Mom and I are going to head out tonight to had dinner for my birthday which is coming up this coming week. We plan to go to a chinese buffet and maybe look around in some of the store in South Asheville, North Carolina. I hope to get some good ideas for the house.

The house comes with I a lot of work but it is good to know I have the control about the things that get done around the house. I do not need to wait for someone else to hire someone to do work around the house. I can get someone to do it or I can do the work myself. All the work I do in an investment on my own house not someone else's house. I looking forward to seeing the improvements I have planned for the house come together.


Valerie said...

We all take our thoughts, plans and excitement to bed with us and having a lot on our minds affects the sleep pattern. It sounds as though you have managed to switch off a little.

Dan the Mountain Man said...

Valerie ~ I have had a lot going on lately. I guess sometimes things are on my mind even when I am not thinking about them directly.