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Saturday, January 31, 2015

Day Of Preparation

With the House Dedication and House Warming Party next weekend, I spent today doing things getting ready for it. Since Jo Anne was having problems with her computer and we were not able to do our normal Saturday morning talk over web cam, I got my friend Seth to come over and help with some cleaning around the house. Seth helped me move some boxes of books out of my office and put them in my storage / guest room. I worked on cleaning things in my bedroom and vacuuming both rooms.

Seth and I took a load of trash and recyclables to the dump. After the dump we headed over to my sister Mary's house to pickup some recyclables there. When I got there, my sister asked me if I could take her to a furniture store to get a washer and dryer. She also told me my nephew's son was born on was born on my birthday. I am a granduncle again. It is nice to see my family growing. He arrived a little late but maybe he was waiting for the right time to come into the world. After talking a little we headed out to take care of the washer and dryer. Mary will get her washer and dryer on Monday. It will help her a lot since she will not have to go to the laundromat or come over to my house to do her wash. Best it will save me on my power bill.

After Mary got things setup with her washer and dryer, I took Seth and my sister home. As soon as I dropped my sister off at your house, my mom called and said she was off from work. I picked mom up and we went shopping to get things for the House Warming Party and our Super Bowl Party. We still have a few things we need to get for the House Warming Party but we need to wait to get them. I am excited about the dedication and party. I still have a lot of things that I want to have done before my guest come over. I am sure that I will get things to a point I will be happy with. One thing I would like to have done even-through I am not planning to have people in the garage, is to have the light replaced but the light has not been in stock at Lowe's and I have not been able to find it online.

While I was at the store, I ran into a friend from college. We talked for a little while to catch up. The last time I saw him lost his job. He told me he is working at Subway now but his wife has left him. Now he is a single dad with the kids. My heart goes out to him. He is just one of my friends that seem to be going through hard times right now. I wish, I could do more then just pray for him and my other friends. I do my best to offer positive encouragement to them. I know because of the hard times I have been through just the encouragement from friends goes a long way in help through hard times. Sometimes, the person going through the hard times needs to take some steps in order to make it out of the hard times. I have kept thinking of ways, I can help out my friend or direct him in a direction that will help him since I talked with him this afternoon.

Life has seemed to be very busy lately. I have been trying to look for ways to share my blessing with my friends and family as I have been receiving them. I guess in preparation for the House Dedication, God has been preparing my heart to bless others.

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