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Saturday, November 15, 2014

Productive Day

Today was an enjoyable and productive day. I worked on posting more books on my online store while mom was at work. Mom and I when shopping after she got off from work.

I managed to upload over 30 listings to eBay today. I sold one of the books I posted this morning as I was working on more listings. The book was an old sales book for an apartment building in Chicago. It sold for $30. I am excepting a good Holiday Shopping Season, even with the slow start. I only sold 4 books so far this month.

After mom got off from work, we heading up to the stores around the Asheville Airport. We were looking for curtains for the house. Trying to get curtains for the living room is turning out to by impossible. I am thinking looking online for curtains is the way I am going to have to go. It seems all the stores have the same three colors. I did manage to find a door mat for the front door. It should add a nice touch for the holidays.

Mom and I also looked for an egg tray and a turkey tray for Thanksgivings Day Dinner. The eggs try was $19.95 at Pier 1 and we got the Turkey tray on sale for $9.99 at the World Market.

We also found a nice tea pot at World Market. I cannot wait to use it, to make some hot tea.

The shopping trip was productive since we did find some good things for the house. I just wish we could find some curtains for the living room.


Valerie said...

Hope you have some luck soon with the curtains.

L. D. said...

It sounds like a rewarding day when you feel you have burned a hard fast trail and have been successful. Even getting a lot of small things done always makes me glad. The is a neat egg tray.