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Sunday, November 30, 2014

Holidays In Full Swing

I meant to start posting more but here lately I have been busy and when I do not have things to do I feel to tired to really do anything. The Holiday Season is in full swing now. Thanksgiving is over and Christmas is not that far off. When my two weeks of vacation from work and Thanksgiving break, I ended up only working 7 and a half days in November. I had been trying to work on being thankful for things in my life not just around Thanksgiving Day. The past month has been full of things to be thankful for.

I am thankful to have a job that I have vacation pay. It is good to take time off from your work to relax and get your mind on other things. Hopefully, when we get back to work we are rested and can focus better on work. As for work, it felt good to go back and here it took three people to do all the work that I do everyday mostly by myself. At work, I work hard and enjoy my job. I prefer to be somewhere else then work but it is my job that makes the other things I like to do possible. I hope I have a good balance of work and enjoying life.

I a thankful for my online store. Sales have been a little slow of later. I sent a few days on my vacation working on getting some more books listed for my customers. Sales have picked up this past week. I am looking forward to a busy Christmas Shopping season. With my new house, I am starting to work out the organization to make the listing of the items I sell easier. I have book that are not listed in my guess room and garage. The items I have listed are in my office. I need to get my friends Seth to come over to help me move the books I have left in the garage into the guest room. This will make it easier to get to the books and the guest room is a safer environment for them. At the old place I lived at I had no room to move around with the books for my store. My front bedroom was completely filled for the none listed books and other stuff. My living room was full of books that were listed and not listed with hardly any room to move around. The rest of the place was full of supplies and more books and other items for the store. In the new house, I has enough room to have all my store stuff in the house and still my room to enjoy my house.

I am thankful for my new house. Having a house of my own was one of my life goals. It feels so good to have my own house and have the responsibility that comes with having my own house. Thanksgiving was good because I had unexpected house guest for Thursday night. It was nice to have room for them and not have to worry about a landlord complaining I had people staying at my house. My aunt and my cousin with his family stay Thursday night before heading back home Friday morning. It was their first time seeing the house and they loved it. Thanksgiving Day went really good. I am glad mom had the day off. Mom and I had 14 guest for Thanksgiving dinner. I sent most of my day cooking dinner with a short break to go get my brother, Stephen, and his girlfriend, Velma. After dinner, I took my cousin and his wife and kids out to look at Christmas lights.

The only thing missing was my Love, Jo Anne. Even with them not meeting her in person yet my family has made her part of the family. My sister and aunt talk with her regularly online. I think they are almost as excited about her coming as I am. I just hate that the government is being a pain in the matter. I am sure things will work out soon for us. I am so thankful to have Jo Anne is my life. She keeps me going and brightens my days.

God has given my more blessings then I can count and talk about. My family is one of the best blessings even when they drive me crazy. Besides the time I focus on God, my family is the best part of the holidays.

I looking forward to the next few weeks and Christmas. I am planning to have a party at the house for a few friends and the realtor to come see the house. I will have the family back over for Christmas. I plan to finish the the Holidays with New Years Eve with just mom and me.


Valerie said...

So many nice things are happening for you, Dan. Maybe it wont be that long before Jo Anne gets to you.

Jo Anne said...

I love you very very very much my Love. You know how much I long to be with you, I keep praying everyday that God will bring us together very soon. I'm missing you so much.