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Monday, November 10, 2014

Ah! Home Improvement On Vacation

I have the next two weeks off from work. I spent the weekend resting. Today, I started to work on some of the projects, I have to do around the house. I have to say my vacation is off to a good start.

Today's project was getting curtains for the living room windows. I only got the white sheer curtains today. I could not find draperies in a color or pattern I liked. At some point, I plan to paint the walls blue or purple so I not really looking for draperies that match the yellow on the walls now. The white curtains look a lot but the the ugly brown with rose design curtains that were hanging up on the windows when I got the house. They did not even cover the widows. The hardware was messed up too and did not hold the curtain rods right. The new rods look so much better too.

My mom and I, are heading down to Greenville, South Carolina tomorrow to look around the stores down there. I hope to find some nice draperies. we should have more choices with the different stores down there. As time goes on, I will be getting new furniture and lamps for the living room. I saw a nice coffee table and end table set today for $150 for the three. I would have brought them if I already have the curtains already. I hope they will be there later when I have more money. I do feel good about getting the curtain rods and curtains setup in the livings room. I am glad to start focusing on my house instead of my car. Slowly, I will get things done around the house to make it a home for Jo Anne and I. At least with the improvements and other things I do and get for the house is like an investment.


Valerie said...

The room looks cosy, Dan. Hope you have some luck finding draperies you like.

joeh said...

I hope you are running any decorating choices by Jo Anne!