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Sunday, August 03, 2014

Ghostly Moments

There are several blogs that I follow. This week I read a post titled Believe on the blog, Crystal Jigsaw written by Kathryn Brown who is a paranormal author from the United Kingdom. I the post she talked about how her and a friend where sitting and talking in her house when they heard a man say "hello." When they looks to see who say it, they found no one. I found this story interesting because I have had a similar experience. I believe, I have talked about my story before here on Mountain Highs and Valley Lows. I was working at a local Burger King years ago. One day, I was in the kitchen with one of my coworkers talking since we were not busy at the time. As we were talking we both heard a female voice say "Hello," just like someone walking up and say hello. When I heard the voice, my coworkers got a funny look on her face. I walked around to look up front only to see one of my male coworkers standing up front waiting for a customer to come in. The only other person in the restaurant was the manager who was busy doing paperwork in the office and it was not her voice we heard. The coworker, I was talking to refused to admit she heard the voice when I asked her about it. Her and the manager with one other of my workers, heard a voice about a week before, I heard the voice and they could not find anyone in the restaurant.

There are my strange things that happen in this world. At this time, I do not believe ghost are spirits trapped on this side and have not crossed-over. I believe ghost are energy that are recorded in the environment in places.

Do you have a ghostly moment? What do you believe ghost are?


Valerie said...

I had a ghostly experience once, many years ago. I did a post about it ... wonder if I can find it again.

Valerie said...

Meant to say I have Kath Brown's books ... she's good.

Dan the Mountain Man said...

Valerie ~ I have wanted to buy her books but I can only find they on Amazon and I prefer not to get things from Amazon.