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Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Out On The Web: Blog About A Dog

One of the best things one enjoys at the baseball game is a great hot dog. Tom Lohr set out to visits several ballparks to found out which one has the best hot dog. He shares his finding on his called Blog About a Dog in search of the best ballpark hot dog. He stopped at the Asheville Tourists' McCormick Field this past weekend. When I heard about the blog, I hopped on the web and checked it out. I enjoyed it, and now I am sharing it with you now. If you like baseball and hotdogs this is one blog you will enjoy.

Which ballpark you you think has the best hot dog that you have been to? I have only been the Asheville Tourists' McCormick Field, many years ago for a game. I do not remember having a hot dog at the game.


Betsy Adams said...

I too love a good hotdog --and they DO taste better when at a ballpark!!!! Same as Pork-N-Beans... I NEVER eat them at home (except when I make my homemade baked beans) --but the Pork-N-Beans right out of a can taste so good when we are camping or picnicking.... Crazy!!!

Dan the Mountain Man said...

Betsy ~ I think most food taste better when your out camping.

joeh said...

A hot dog always tastes best at a baseball game!

Dan the Mountain Man said...

joeh ~ There is something about seeing a ballgame in person at the ballpark.