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Saturday, July 12, 2014

A House Almost

I looked at a house on Wednesday. I like the house enough to make an offer on the house. I signed the papers on Thursday to make the offer official. On Friday, the seller made a counteroffer which I accepted. I was happy to start the process of having a house of my own. I called and got a home inspection setup for Tuesday. Moved some money around to pay the earnest money and pay for the home inspection.

My excitement was short lived when the seller seemed the back out of the offer. The realtor that is helping texted me the seller was backing off the offer due to a misunderstanding about the closing fees being rolled in the loan for the house. The selling agent is taking responsibility for the misunderstanding. Now they have two showing scheduled for the house this weekend. If the people that look at the house do not make an offer on the house, the selling agent will try to get the seller to accept my offer.

I am a little upset with what happened but there is nothing I can do right now. This morning I called and cancelled the home inspection. I had to tell mom that seller backed out of the offer and we were not going to look at the house this afternoon.

I am hoping that the other people do not make an offer on the house and the selling agent can get the seller to accept my offer. I wish I could offer more but the offer I have on the table is as high as I can go.

I guess if I do not get the house, I will have more time to save the money I need to get into the house. I am sure I will find a great house for Jo Anne and I to live soon. I hope to know on Monday if the seller will take my offer or I have to look for another house.


joeh said...

Good luck on closing the deal.

If not, I'm sure another will come your way.

Valerie said...

What a bitter disappointment, Dan. The seller should have got his act together before any offers came in.

Dan the Mountain Man said...

Joeh and Valerie ~ It is disappointing. The seller got no offers this weekend. They came back to me with a higher offer. I am sticking with what I can pay. I figure they will come down or I will find another house. And I feel they walked away from an agreement.