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Friday, July 25, 2014

Photo Of The Week: The Dance

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Sadness And Happiness Of Life

Sorry guys, that I have been quiet here the past two weeks. I have been busy with house stuff and family stuff.

Last Wednesday, the seller finally accepted my offer on a house. It is a two bedroom house. I am going to made the old garage which was converted into a bonus room into my bedroom. The two bedrooms will become my mom's room and a guest bedroom. I have so happy that I will have a nice and safe home for Jo Anne when she gets here. I love house and believe it will make a great house for many years to come. I have been gathering the papers I need for the loan and scheduling appointments for inspections and other people I need to see for the house. I had the home and pest inspection on Monday and it went good. Nothing major needing repairs. I need patch up a couple place and replace a couple things here and there but nothing needing to be done immediately. The closing is set for the end of August. Money is going to be tight for the next month or so while I get things settled with the house. Trusting God to provide the money I need for everything. I look forward to sharing my first time house ownership with you.

It was a few months of planning and the rain cleared up in time for my sister, Lisa's wedding. For once Lisa found a guy I like. Scott treats Lisa like gold. My mom and brother, Stephen, know Scott from when he went to school with Stephen. Mom bought the rings for them and the group home where they live planned and hosted the wedding. It was a very nice wedding. Stephen gave Lisa away. My niece, Julie and the daughter of one of the staff members was the flower girl. My nephew, Victor, was the ring boy. It was a beautiful wedding. I hope it is the start of many years of happy marriage for them

Now I have some sad news to tell you. My Uncle John passed away on Saturday. He went to the hospital about two weeks ago. We where hoping he would pull through this time. He passed with family around him including in first son which I helped find last year. I wish they had more time to get to know one another but they where happy with the time they got to share. Uncle John did a lot to help his family and my family. He will be missed. I look forward to seeing him when my time to go home comes. I got to meet Uncle John's first son, who we call, Big John, at his memorial service for the first time. I had only talked to to Big John on the phone before Sunday. Big John and I spent time talking about his dad and sharing memories of a man who made a big impacted of both of our lives.

My Aunt Sandy and Big John

Uncle John overcome drinking problem and battled with Muscular dystrophy. Even with the challenges he had in life he worked hard to provide for his family. He shared his love of cars with his family. I asked him many times about how it fix something of my car. He will be deeply missed.

I often say, "It is the sad and bad times in life that make us treasure the happy and good times in life."

Saturday, July 12, 2014

A House Almost

I looked at a house on Wednesday. I like the house enough to make an offer on the house. I signed the papers on Thursday to make the offer official. On Friday, the seller made a counteroffer which I accepted. I was happy to start the process of having a house of my own. I called and got a home inspection setup for Tuesday. Moved some money around to pay the earnest money and pay for the home inspection.

My excitement was short lived when the seller seemed the back out of the offer. The realtor that is helping texted me the seller was backing off the offer due to a misunderstanding about the closing fees being rolled in the loan for the house. The selling agent is taking responsibility for the misunderstanding. Now they have two showing scheduled for the house this weekend. If the people that look at the house do not make an offer on the house, the selling agent will try to get the seller to accept my offer.

I am a little upset with what happened but there is nothing I can do right now. This morning I called and cancelled the home inspection. I had to tell mom that seller backed out of the offer and we were not going to look at the house this afternoon.

I am hoping that the other people do not make an offer on the house and the selling agent can get the seller to accept my offer. I wish I could offer more but the offer I have on the table is as high as I can go.

I guess if I do not get the house, I will have more time to save the money I need to get into the house. I am sure I will find a great house for Jo Anne and I to live soon. I hope to know on Monday if the seller will take my offer or I have to look for another house.

Friday, July 11, 2014

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Food Journey: Eating On The Space Station

With space companies like Space X, Blue Origin and Virgin Galactic, we soon will be able to travel to space like we do around the world. I thought we could take a look on how the astronauts on the International Space Station eats. Here is a video about eating on the Space Station.

Would you like to go up into space? What would you want to eat while you were in space?

Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Out On The Web: Blog About A Dog

One of the best things one enjoys at the baseball game is a great hot dog. Tom Lohr set out to visits several ballparks to found out which one has the best hot dog. He shares his finding on his called Blog About a Dog in search of the best ballpark hot dog. He stopped at the Asheville Tourists' McCormick Field this past weekend. When I heard about the blog, I hopped on the web and checked it out. I enjoyed it, and now I am sharing it with you now. If you like baseball and hotdogs this is one blog you will enjoy.

Which ballpark you you think has the best hot dog that you have been to? I have only been the Asheville Tourists' McCormick Field, many years ago for a game. I do not remember having a hot dog at the game.

Sunday, July 06, 2014

Independence Day Weekend 2014

I had an enjoyable Independence Day Weekend. I had Friday off to the holiday. I went down to Roscoe's in Tuxedo, North Carolina for the Independence day Celebration there. I say they have the best fireworks in the area. Roscoe's fires off fireworks as a thank you to the community and one or two of the camps nearby does too. This year was about 45 minutes of fireworks.

People waiting to get the Fourth Of July Specials at Mike's Chuckwagon next to Roscoe's.

My BBQ dinner from Mike's Chuckwagon.

At 7 PM, the singing started. This year, they had the Colt Creek Bluegrass Band and Greg Day. Greg is a songwriter and he is best know for the gospel song, The Midnight Cry.

Greg Day

People pull their cars onto the side of the road to see the fireworks. Some come hours early to get their spot.

Here are some pictures of the fireworks. I really need to get a tripod for my camera.

On Saturday, Mom and I took my brother, Stephen and his girlfriend, Velma out to celebrate their birthdays which are in July. We took them to the Moose Cafe at the Farmer's Market in Asheville, North Carolina.

Mom sitting outside the Moose Cafe.

I had the chicken livers for dinner at the Moose Cafe. They where good.

The is a great view around the Moose Cafe.

The Inn on the Biltmore Estate.

The view of the mountains overlooking the Farmer's Market.