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Thursday, May 01, 2014

Not Again! Car Trouble!

My car is out of commission for at least a week. Tuesday I was head out to pickup my mom from work when my car stopped moving. I know right away it was the transmission. I had to wait for the traffic to clear so I could move my car off the road. There is a lot of people that do not know what both lights flashing mean. I had a lot of people get in behind me and just sit there until I waved them around. After the traffic cleared I managed to get my car moved off the road. I have one man stop to help me push my car.

I got my car parked and found Rayna's lease. Then I walked with Rayna to my insurance agent's office which was next to the lot. At the insurance office I called the transmission shop and told he what happen. He said to let's it sit for a while and that try to drive it. I made an appointment for Wednesday morning. He gave me the number for a tow truck in case I could not get the car to go.

I got back to the car and waited a little while and tried moving the car and nothing. I called the tow took and then waited for the tow truck and my friend. My friend and mentor, Keith, arrived before the tow truck so I had him take me to the house to drop Rayna off and get my lunch box. The tow truck was with my car when we got back to the car. We got my car loaded onto the tow truck and headed to the transmission shop. After paying tow truck guy and talking to the guy at the Transmission shop, my friend took we on to work.

I was glad, I was only 30 minutes late for work. I do not like to be late or miss being somewhere I am suppose to be. II asked one of my coworkers if he could give me a ride home. He will give a ride for as long as I need one.

Wednesday morning, the guy at the transmission shop called me that the problem was with the third gear. I would be looking at $2000 to get it repaired and he should have my car done by next Wednesday. I told him to go ahead and do the repairs. I am glad I have the money to pay for it but it all take savings at this time. I am sure God will provide me with the money I need for the house and the trip to get Jo Anne when they come up.

When I tried to filed a towing claim for the towing, I was told I did not have towing on my policy. I called my insurance agent's office and asked them about it. It turns out when I switched the insurance for my new car the agent did not put towing on mt new car. The agent made a honest mistake. He is no long with the insurance company. The lady at the insurance office added towing to my policy. Too bad is will not cover the towing bill.

I have the ride to and from work taking care of. I am working on the rides to take care of my bills and my wash. My coworker does not mind stopping at the store on the way home so I can get a few things for the house. I will be glad to get my car back. I hope I can get a ride out to the polling place to vote next Tuesday.


Valerie said...

Nothing is simple, is it? The trouble with breakdowns is they affect everything else in life.

Dan the Mountain Man said...

Valerie ~ You got that right. Nothing is simple and when the car breaks down everything thing else seem to be affected. You have to rely on other people to get things you normally do on your own.

Blues Vox said...

Sorry to hear it Dan! Wish I could help you out. I have been there myself and it is costly. Sending good wishes man.

Dan the Mountain Man said...

Blues Vox ~ Thank you. I am glad a have the money to pay for the repairs but it will take most of my savings. I hope things are going good for you.