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Sunday, May 25, 2014

Interesting And Busy Week

I am in a period in my life where I feel like I am trying to catchup with my own life. I had a lot of different things happen this week alone.

Monday was my day seen I lot of cops. Best thing none of them involved a cop talking to me. As I was doing my running around town before work, I saw three people pulled over by the police. I guess for speeding. I glad it was not me getting pulled over. I like to drive a little over the speed limit. I have been having to watch my speed a little more lately because my drives so smoothly after the transmission work. Then if the was not enough cops to see in a day, the bank across the road from work got robbed on Monday afternoon. The bank's parking lot was blocked off my the police and City Police, Sheriff Deputies, and State Troopers lined both sides of the road leading to the warehouse where I worked. The bank was robbed after there was three other armed robberies around Asheville. The other three robberies where connected to one another but not to the bank. They caught the guy late in the week who did them. The believe the guy who robbed the bank robbed another bank near my work on Friday too. I got off to a later start to work due to one of my neighbors having a medical emergency. The fire department, EMS and two sheriff deputies show up. I had to wait for them to load my neighbor in the ambulance and leave before I could go since the Fire truck was blocking my driveway. I hope she is okay.

Also while doing my running on Monday, I drove by a house on my listings of houses. I text my realtor to settle an appointment to look at the house. It is in a nice quiet neighborhood that a lady I know from church lives in. She told me about the house a couple months a go but at the time is was out of my price range. They reduced the price last week. The realtor and I looked at the house on Wednesday afternoon. The listing said it was 3 bedrooms by turn out to only have 2 bedrooms. I would have not looked at the house id the listing not said it was 3 bedroom house. The square feet was to small for my needs. If it had three bedrooms I could make it work until I could have converted the carport into another room. I had two other houses on my list but the repairs needed would make the loan bigger that I could afford. Jo Anne and I are still waiting to hear if the house I already put an offer comes through for us. I put the offer in back in December. This waiting for my offer to be accepted or not, just gives me one more reason not to do business with one of the big major banks.

Thursday, I took my car in for the 500 to 800 mile leak check after having the transmission work done. It checked out good with no leaks. I should be good until my next service is due for the transmission.

Things seemed slow all week at work. I got sent home early on Friday due to the computer system that processes orders for the company I work for was down. We did not get any orders to fill. I was glad to some extra time off to enjoy the holiday weekend but I need the money I lost. I use the time off to work on my blogging a little and did some prep work for my eBay store. Saturday, Jo Anne and I did our normal talk on Skype for Saturday morning. I manage to get a couple listings up on eBay as I talk with Jo Anne. After Jo Anne and I finished talking I got he trash and recyclables together and headed to the dump. It was great to see the goats enjoying eating the grass to save the county money having someone mow the grass. I guess it is safe for the goats to eat the grass than the someone trying to mow it.

After the dump, my friend, Seth and my Mom, looked around thrift stores in town and walk around the Garden Jubilee on Main Street in Hendersonville. I enjoyed looking around the garden show but it seemed a little smaller this year then past years. I was checking the stores for ideas of other things to sell in my eBay store. I have been checking on mostly what to available.

I hope to get catch up on things here soon and get other things moving forward.


Valerie said...

Wow, you have had a busy time. Pity about the house, though. I know how frustrating it can be looking round, seeing something good and then finding the faults. At least your car is working okay now.

Dan the Mountain Man said...

Valerie ~ I talk to the guy who live in the house next to the house I looked at last Wednesday and he said he looked for 2 years before he found his house. I am glad my car is working better.