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Friday, May 09, 2014

Got My Car Back!

After a little after a week without my car, I got my car back Thursday afternoon. The mechanic at the transmission shop said me that this was the worst condition, he has seen for the transmission type for my car. He said it looked like someone hit bottom with my car. The main thing that happen with the transmission is one part broke off and moved around causing damage to other parts in the transmission. The mechanic believes that hitting bottom in the car play a part in the damage. Being that I have not hit bottom in my car that would cause the damage he described, I am left to assume take the damage was done before I got the car. A long with the transmission the mechanic replaced a motor mount and I believe he said oil pressure switch. He showed me the old motor mount and showed me the location on the car for both parts. The motor mount I could see but the switch is in a spot where you would have to take a lot of things off to get to it. It was best to go ahead and replace it with is was accessible with the transmission off. He say it was leaking oil there. I will check to see if the oil leaking slows or stops now.

As a drove to work and back home last night a could tell the difference in how the car drove. It feels so smooth now. I was going faster then I realized on the Interstate on my way home at one point. I hope to enjoy driving in my car and seeing if my car gets better gas mileage with the transmission changing gears better now.

Rayna was happy to have a ride in the car this morning to take mom to work and do a little running around I needed to do. I plan to take mom and Rayna for a ride in Saturday. I need to take some more pictures for Spiritual Places, Spiritual Moments. I am sure they both will enjoy the ride and it will be part of my Mother's Day gift for mom. I can test out the car a little too.


Valerie said...

I'm glad you got the car back and in better condition than it was before the breakdown. Have a happy weekend. Hope your mom enjoys the ride.

Dan the Mountain Man said...

Valerie ~ Mom enjoyed the ride. I will post about it once we are done celebrating Mother's Day.

Cayla Maggio said...

Your car transmission must have been pretty far gone for the mechanic to describe it as the worst that he has seen. But it looks like the car pretty much runs like it's brand new after the transmission was fixed. Nothing feels better than a car engine humming along nicely, knowing that you're not not gonna break down suddenly due to a faulty transmission.

Cayla Maggio @ Nowthen Transmission Service

Dan the Mountain Man said...

Cayla ~ Yes my car drives new new now. The damage to the transmission was showing signs and I was planning to take it in for service in a week or so when it gave out. The transmission shop here does great work.