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Saturday, May 31, 2014

Phto Of The Week: Water Fall Display

Sorry for the later posting of the Photo of the Week this week.

Monday, May 26, 2014

Memorial Day 2014: Thank You!

On this day we remember those men and women who gave all so me can live free. Thank you!

Video is of the Seal Team Six Task Force Ramp Ceremony on August 8, 2011 at Bagram Airfield, Afghanistan. A Ramp Ceremony is the ceremony held by those who served with the men and women who gave all before they are sent home to their families and to their final resting places.

Once again, thank you, all who gave all so I could live free!

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Interesting And Busy Week

I am in a period in my life where I feel like I am trying to catchup with my own life. I had a lot of different things happen this week alone.

Monday was my day seen I lot of cops. Best thing none of them involved a cop talking to me. As I was doing my running around town before work, I saw three people pulled over by the police. I guess for speeding. I glad it was not me getting pulled over. I like to drive a little over the speed limit. I have been having to watch my speed a little more lately because my drives so smoothly after the transmission work. Then if the was not enough cops to see in a day, the bank across the road from work got robbed on Monday afternoon. The bank's parking lot was blocked off my the police and City Police, Sheriff Deputies, and State Troopers lined both sides of the road leading to the warehouse where I worked. The bank was robbed after there was three other armed robberies around Asheville. The other three robberies where connected to one another but not to the bank. They caught the guy late in the week who did them. The believe the guy who robbed the bank robbed another bank near my work on Friday too. I got off to a later start to work due to one of my neighbors having a medical emergency. The fire department, EMS and two sheriff deputies show up. I had to wait for them to load my neighbor in the ambulance and leave before I could go since the Fire truck was blocking my driveway. I hope she is okay.

Also while doing my running on Monday, I drove by a house on my listings of houses. I text my realtor to settle an appointment to look at the house. It is in a nice quiet neighborhood that a lady I know from church lives in. She told me about the house a couple months a go but at the time is was out of my price range. They reduced the price last week. The realtor and I looked at the house on Wednesday afternoon. The listing said it was 3 bedrooms by turn out to only have 2 bedrooms. I would have not looked at the house id the listing not said it was 3 bedroom house. The square feet was to small for my needs. If it had three bedrooms I could make it work until I could have converted the carport into another room. I had two other houses on my list but the repairs needed would make the loan bigger that I could afford. Jo Anne and I are still waiting to hear if the house I already put an offer comes through for us. I put the offer in back in December. This waiting for my offer to be accepted or not, just gives me one more reason not to do business with one of the big major banks.

Thursday, I took my car in for the 500 to 800 mile leak check after having the transmission work done. It checked out good with no leaks. I should be good until my next service is due for the transmission.

Things seemed slow all week at work. I got sent home early on Friday due to the computer system that processes orders for the company I work for was down. We did not get any orders to fill. I was glad to some extra time off to enjoy the holiday weekend but I need the money I lost. I use the time off to work on my blogging a little and did some prep work for my eBay store. Saturday, Jo Anne and I did our normal talk on Skype for Saturday morning. I manage to get a couple listings up on eBay as I talk with Jo Anne. After Jo Anne and I finished talking I got he trash and recyclables together and headed to the dump. It was great to see the goats enjoying eating the grass to save the county money having someone mow the grass. I guess it is safe for the goats to eat the grass than the someone trying to mow it.

After the dump, my friend, Seth and my Mom, looked around thrift stores in town and walk around the Garden Jubilee on Main Street in Hendersonville. I enjoyed looking around the garden show but it seemed a little smaller this year then past years. I was checking the stores for ideas of other things to sell in my eBay store. I have been checking on mostly what to available.

I hope to get catch up on things here soon and get other things moving forward.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Food Journey: "Weird Al" Yankovic Food Songs

I decided to have a little fun this week with the Food Journey and share some food related songs by "Weird Al" Yankovic. "Weird Al" Yankovic was a favorite between me and my friend when I was growing up. I hope you enjoy these songs.

Eat It


Trapped In The Drive-Thru

The White Stuff

I Love Rocky Road

Girls Just Wanna Have Lunch

Friday, May 16, 2014

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Food Journey: How Is A Hot Dog Is Made?

With the weather getting warmer and panic season coming, hot dogs are bound to be on the grill. Hot dogs are part of summer in the United States. Here is a video that shows how hot dogs are made.

I like to have my hot dogs with ketchup, mustard, relish, chili and coleslaw on it. How do you like to have your hot dog?

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Mother's Day Weekend Fun

Sorry for the late posting of this post. I am still playing catch up for being without the car.

Mom always done her best to provide the best life for my brothers and sisters and I. She got a divorce from my father when I was in kindergarten leaving her with 6 kids to take car of. I was already living with my grandparents, her parents.

I was glad to get my car back on Thursday. I had plan to take a trip down to Rutherfordton, North Carolina on Saturday. Mom had Saturday off so I took her and Rayna along with me. My original plan was to take pictures for my Spiritual Places, Spiritual Moments blog. The weather was not the greatest and I could not get good pictures, so my trip turned into a scouting trip with a later trip when the weather is better. Mom enjoyed the trip and the scenery. We took US Highway 64 through Chimney Rock and Lake Lure to Rutherfordton. We drove through Rutherfordton on through Spindale and Forest City. When I saw we were not far from Bostic, North Carolina. Bostic claims to be the born place of Abraham Lincoln. They have a museum called the Bostic Lincoln Center that presents the evidence that President Lincoln was born in this small town in the foothills of North Carolina. I plan to go back down when the museum is open to do a post here on Mountain Highs and Valley Lows. We made are way back to Hendersonville and dropped Rayna off at my house and headed to Sol Y Luna in Laurel Park, North Carolina. We enjoyed the food but our waiter seem to have something else on his mind other waiting on us. The times we have been there in the past the service was great too. Everyone is entitled to a off their game. I just wish it was not that I can to the restaurant.

Mom had to work Sunday morning so I went to church while she was at work. I picked mom up after church. After mom got cleaned and dressed we headed to Asiana Grand Buffet in Asheville, North Carolina. My brother, Tim, met us at the restaurant. We had a great meal and enjoyed our time talking and eating together. After lunch, mom and I went to Biltmore Park and walked around in the stores. At was a enjoyable weekend for my mom.

Mom has done so much for us over the years and still does a lot for us now. It is nice when we plan a event to thank her comes out great.

Friday, May 09, 2014

Got My Car Back!

After a little after a week without my car, I got my car back Thursday afternoon. The mechanic at the transmission shop said me that this was the worst condition, he has seen for the transmission type for my car. He said it looked like someone hit bottom with my car. The main thing that happen with the transmission is one part broke off and moved around causing damage to other parts in the transmission. The mechanic believes that hitting bottom in the car play a part in the damage. Being that I have not hit bottom in my car that would cause the damage he described, I am left to assume take the damage was done before I got the car. A long with the transmission the mechanic replaced a motor mount and I believe he said oil pressure switch. He showed me the old motor mount and showed me the location on the car for both parts. The motor mount I could see but the switch is in a spot where you would have to take a lot of things off to get to it. It was best to go ahead and replace it with is was accessible with the transmission off. He say it was leaking oil there. I will check to see if the oil leaking slows or stops now.

As a drove to work and back home last night a could tell the difference in how the car drove. It feels so smooth now. I was going faster then I realized on the Interstate on my way home at one point. I hope to enjoy driving in my car and seeing if my car gets better gas mileage with the transmission changing gears better now.

Rayna was happy to have a ride in the car this morning to take mom to work and do a little running around I needed to do. I plan to take mom and Rayna for a ride in Saturday. I need to take some more pictures for Spiritual Places, Spiritual Moments. I am sure they both will enjoy the ride and it will be part of my Mother's Day gift for mom. I can test out the car a little too.

Photo Of The Week: A Salt and Battery

Thursday, May 08, 2014

Food Journey: Heluva Good!® Roasted Garlic & Caramelized Onion Sour Cream Dip

I normally use the Food Journey post to share a recipe and food idea. Since I do not seem to have the time to work out some of the recipes of my own as I would like. I am going to start sharing reviews of food products and good places to eat too with my Food Journey post. Please feel free to tell me what you think. I will see how it goes too. I do not get money from companies to promote items here. I let you know if I do. I hope you can try them and enjoy them too as I do.

About two weeks ago now, I discovered Heluva Good!® Roasted Garlic & Caramelized Onion Sour Cream Dip in my local Wal~Mart's dairy case. This is a limited time offering from Heluva Good!® this year. I like a lot the sour cream dips that Heluva Good!® makes and is available in my local stores.

The Roasted Garlic & Caramelized Onion Sour Cream Dip a great garlic and onion taste that is not over powering to the taste from the garlic or onion. I enjoy it with chips and crackers for my snacks. I have not had a problem with broken chips with the smooth texture of the sour cream based dip. I am not sure how long this product will be out but I guess it will be out for the rest of 2014. I would recommend you look for it and give it a try for your snack or to have at your next party.

Saturday, May 03, 2014

Going Without The Car

While I made it through the work week with out my car. One of my coworkers have been giving me a ride to and from work. He refuses to take any money to giving me a ride. I plan when I get my car back to go to the coffee shop he likes to go to and see if they have gift certificates. I am sure he will not turn the gift certificates down. My friend, Keith, has helped me with doing my running like going to the bank and shipping out the sales from my eBay store. Today he took me over to see my mom so I could spend time with her and get my clothes washed. We settled on me giving him some bubble wrap to use for his eBay store.

I cannot wait to get my car back on Tuesday or Wednesday. I there is so much, I rely on the car to do in my life. While I am without the car I have been able to sleep in a little since I have not been able to take mom to work in the mornings. One of mom's coworkers have been taking her to and forth work too. Along with the extra sleep I have been able to read the blogs I follow and find new blogs to follow and do some much needed housework. Two of the blogs I added to my reading list over the last few are A View From Over Here and Montanagirl.

I feel bad Rayna, my dog, because she has not been getting her daily ride in the car. I plan to take her with me next Saturday, when I go to take some more pictures for my other blog, Spiritual Places, Spiritual Moments. I am thinking of heading down around Rutherfordton, North Carolina. This coming week will be the first week since February that I have missing posting a picture of a church or memorial on the blog. I am sure Rayna will enjoy the ride since she has not been down in that area before. She seemed to enjoy the ride down around Northern Greenville County, South Carolina to take pictures down there. While traveling around Rutherfordton, I may check on an idea for a post here on Mountain Highs and Valley Lows that I have been thinking about doing. That will be for a later date when I do not have Rayna with me so I will not have to leave her in a hot car. Next weeks trip, will have points where I can let her our of the car and walk around a little and she will not be sitting in the car alone for more then a minute while I take a couple pictures.

Being without my car for a week has not been all bad, but I will be glad to get my car back in a couple days. I thank God, I have the money to pay for the repairs. The unfortunate part it looks like it will take most of my savings at this time. I have been able to get somethings done I would have just put off if I had the car.

Thursday, May 01, 2014

Not Again! Car Trouble!

My car is out of commission for at least a week. Tuesday I was head out to pickup my mom from work when my car stopped moving. I know right away it was the transmission. I had to wait for the traffic to clear so I could move my car off the road. There is a lot of people that do not know what both lights flashing mean. I had a lot of people get in behind me and just sit there until I waved them around. After the traffic cleared I managed to get my car moved off the road. I have one man stop to help me push my car.

I got my car parked and found Rayna's lease. Then I walked with Rayna to my insurance agent's office which was next to the lot. At the insurance office I called the transmission shop and told he what happen. He said to let's it sit for a while and that try to drive it. I made an appointment for Wednesday morning. He gave me the number for a tow truck in case I could not get the car to go.

I got back to the car and waited a little while and tried moving the car and nothing. I called the tow took and then waited for the tow truck and my friend. My friend and mentor, Keith, arrived before the tow truck so I had him take me to the house to drop Rayna off and get my lunch box. The tow truck was with my car when we got back to the car. We got my car loaded onto the tow truck and headed to the transmission shop. After paying tow truck guy and talking to the guy at the Transmission shop, my friend took we on to work.

I was glad, I was only 30 minutes late for work. I do not like to be late or miss being somewhere I am suppose to be. II asked one of my coworkers if he could give me a ride home. He will give a ride for as long as I need one.

Wednesday morning, the guy at the transmission shop called me that the problem was with the third gear. I would be looking at $2000 to get it repaired and he should have my car done by next Wednesday. I told him to go ahead and do the repairs. I am glad I have the money to pay for it but it all take savings at this time. I am sure God will provide me with the money I need for the house and the trip to get Jo Anne when they come up.

When I tried to filed a towing claim for the towing, I was told I did not have towing on my policy. I called my insurance agent's office and asked them about it. It turns out when I switched the insurance for my new car the agent did not put towing on mt new car. The agent made a honest mistake. He is no long with the insurance company. The lady at the insurance office added towing to my policy. Too bad is will not cover the towing bill.

I have the ride to and from work taking care of. I am working on the rides to take care of my bills and my wash. My coworker does not mind stopping at the store on the way home so I can get a few things for the house. I will be glad to get my car back. I hope I can get a ride out to the polling place to vote next Tuesday.