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Monday, April 28, 2014

Monday Musings: Storm Rolling In

Clear night sky with bright stars. Clouds slowly roll in. The wind starts to blow. Lighting can be seen dancing in the distance sky. The wind blows harder. A low rumble of thunder is heard as the lighting increasing. With a big bang, a lightening stick nearby lights up the sky. Rain starts to pour down from the sky. Lighting, thunder and wind fill the sky. The dog runs and hides under the covers of the bed, shaking with fear until the storm passes.

Written by Dan the Mountain Man


Valerie said...

I would run for cover as well. I've just been watching the results of the tornado in the US. Are you anywhere near it?

Dan the Mountain Man said...

Val ~ The tornadoes hit the eastern part of North Carolina. I live in the western part. Tornadoes are rare in my part of the state and small when they do happen.