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Saturday, April 05, 2014

An Adventure In Looking For A House

I headed out this morning to look at a house that was added the MLS this week. The house is in a nice part of the county but on the opposite side of town that I want to live. I figured I look at the house since it had most of the features we are looking for in a house. The house is near a lake which is nice to walk around with Jo Anne when she gets here.

I was surprised to see a car in the driveway when I got to the house. The realtor and I thought the house would be empty. I drove around the neighborhood to check it out a little more while I waiting for the realtor to arrive. I saw they where doing some work around the lake. When the realtor arrive she went to the door and a woman came out and said she knew nothing of the showing and she had a contract on the house. The realtor came back to our cars and told me to follow her. We drove down the road a little to a closed business where she called the listing agent. After she talk with the listing realtor she told me want was going on with the house. The people in the house were renting the house while they were waiting for the loan to be approved to buy the house. They could not get a loan so they can't buy the house. The people who own the house inherited and want to sell the house. So they relisted the house when they found out the people now renting the house could not get a loan. The listing realtor did not tell the listing service the special instructions about scheduling a showing for the house.

With happening I am glad that the realtor who is helping me find a house had me get pre-approved. I know that I qualify for a loan up to a to a certain amount. I do not have to worry about get turned down for a loan after I find a house I love and want to try to get. If I was a seller I would not rent out the house to people making an offer on the house unless they were pre-approved for a loan. Even then I am not sure I would rent the house out until the closing.

With this happening with this house, I am not sure I want to move forward with this house. I am worried there maybe more problems with the renter that are there now. They could cause damage to the house or cause trouble after I get the house. I already have an offer no another house and I could wait for other houses in the location I want.

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joeh said...

Your fears are well founded.

There are always plenty of houses, you will find one that is just right for you.