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Saturday, March 22, 2014

Shopping Trip With Mom

It was a nice day out and I needed to get a new pair of shoes for work. Since mom had the day off to she can along with me.

After having breakfast together at mom's house we headed out to go shopping in Asheville. Our first stop was the bread thrift store in Arden. They were closed by the time we got there. We just missed them by five minutes. I guess I will have to stop in on my way to work one day.

Next, we headed to Discount Shoes on Brevard Road to get my work shoes. I like going there to get my shoes. There is a truck that comes to the warehouse were I work, but the Discount Shoes has some of the same shoe for less. It is worth the drive for what I save on the shoes. I looked through the shoes they offered. The first pair, I tried on was a slip-on pair of steel toed shoes. They were very comfortable and I like slip-on shoes. It looked around and found the a pair of the shoes I'm replacing. I decided to go with the second pair since they were $20 cheaper and comfortable too. The last pair lasted me two years. I may get the other pair later some I have a backup pair of shoes for work. Now I just need to remember to take the receipt into work on Monday so the company I work for can reimburse me 60 percent of the shoes.

After the shoe store, we drove on the Blue Ridge Parkway to get to the other side of Asheville. We stopped at the Folk Art Center near the US Highway 70 exit on the parkway. I always enjoy looking at the art work there. One place I cannot wait to take Jo Anne too when she gets here.

Are next stop was the thrift store for the Rescue Mission. I did not see anything I needed there so we head on down to Foreign Affairs. Foreign Affairs is the best oriental stores in the Asheville. The lady who owns the store married a man from the Philippines. The staff, which is her family, are very helpful in finding want you need. If they do not have it they will order it for you. They are all so a good place to connect with the Asian community. I got some things to cook for dinner. Her son helped me pick out some vegetables to prepare a great stir fry. This is another place I cannot wait to bring Jo Anne. I am glad I have a great place to go so she can still have the foods from the Philippines.

Next we went to the Goodwill store near the Asheville Mall. I was disappointed today. Normally they have some great stuff in there. Today, they had more women's clothes in the men's section then men's clothes.

We finished our shopping trip off at the Asheville Mall. I always enjoyed going to the mall. Today was no different. We looked around in a couple of the department stores for stuff for the new house when we find one. The last store was the Barnes and Noble store. I hate that they took the chairs and places to sit throughout the store out. I always have a list of books I want to get at the store and sitting down and skimming through the book helped me decide on which book I want to get that day. All the books I had on my mind while in the book store were sold out. I am sure I could had found another book to buy if I had place to sit other then the noisy Starbucks down stairs. I even thought not a couple books I want on the way home too. I guess the less seating thing is not just a Barnes and Noble thing since mom and I had to search for a place to sit down in the hallway. We got a some pretzels to snack on and want to sit down to eat ant rest before moving on. Where are then men to sit while their wives are shopping? I guess you want them with with their wives telling no we do have the money or need it.

After a long day of shopping we heading back to mom's house for dinner. I fixed the meal the guy at Foreign Affairs suggested and it was good. It went great with the pork lumpia I got their too.


Valerie said...

A busy but enjoyable day by the sound of it, with a good meal to finish. Can't be bad...smiles.

Dan the Mountain Man said...

Valerie ~ Yes it was a good day and ended with a great meal.