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Sunday, March 16, 2014

Relaxing Ride On Nice Saturday

Saturday, I decided to go for a trip down to Greenville County in South Carolina. I took my friend, Seth a long with Rayna with me. Rayna enjoyed spending the day with me instead of being left alone all day at the house. I feel so bad leaving her at home along when I go to work.

The propose of this trip was to take some more pictures for my Spiritual Places, Spiritual Moments blog. I managed to get some good pictures.

View from Lima Baptist Church in Travelers Rest, South Carolina.

It was good to travel the roads of Northern Greenville County again. I used to do a lot of photo request in the area when I lived near the state-line. Some of the pictures, I will have to return to retake and take some more pictures of church and cemeteries I miss today. Seth and I eat lunch in Travelers Rest and I got gas before heading back up the mountain. I got Rayna some chicken tenders for her lunch. She enjoyed them a lot. I got tired early because I did not sleep good Friday night, so I stopped looking for pictures to take and just enjoyed the drive back home.

On the way back home, I took a ride up through the Greenville Watershed and through the town of Tuxedo, North Carolina with a ride around Lake Summit. The road we took can out in on U.S. Highway 176 just below the Green River Bridge. The old bridge was closed off and made into a pedestrian walk when they built a new bridge over the river. I could not believe how narrow the old bridge looked. I do not remember it being so narrow all those year ago when I drove my car over it.

I am planning to go back down to South Carolina maybe in April to take more pictures. I glad with Day Light Savings and the long days, I will have more daylight to take more pictures.

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