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Wednesday, March 05, 2014

House Search Update

This past weekend, I looked at another house with my mom and the realtor. My mom and I like the house very much. The house had two bedrooms and two baths. It was very roomy and had a nice flow to it. The house was in a lovely quiet neighborhood and had a beautiful yard. The back yard was fenced in. I could see Rayna enjoying running around the back yard and inviting friends over for a cookout. Jo Anne and I would have plenty of room for the garden we want to have. I could see us living in the house.

The house had one problem. It was on a shared well. The realtor heard that the city maybe running waterlines in the area. She called the water department on Monday and was told that the house was not in the area that they were extending the waterlines. With seven home on the shared well the loan will not go through. I really do not want the trouble that could happen with a shared well. Growing up my grandparents house was on a shared well. It was fine until one of our neighbors on the well moved and someone else moved in. My grandfather had a lot of problems dealing with the new neighbor on the well. I do not want to have to deal with those kind of problems.

I have looked at a couple houses in my search. I feel strange when I am looking at the house when the people selling the house are still living there. I felt really weird with the house this past weekend because I think the people living in the house are renting the house. I am a very private person when it comes to who comes into my house. It would bug me having people I do not know looking through my home.

Jo Anne and I are waiting to hear if the offer on another house is approved. It is the one we like the best so far and it is the closes to mine and my mom's work. If I get it I will have a full basement to running my eBay store out of. We are just waiting for the Bank of America to make a decision on the short sale for that house. I am glad the loan is for going through the Bank of America.

I will find a good house for my mom, Jo Anne, and I to live in. I hope to find one before the Jo Anne gets here.


Valerie said...

I would be inclined to wait for the house you and Jo Anne really like since the other one could pose problems. Good luck.

Dan the Mountain Man said...

We are waiting for the house that I made an offer on. We are also continuing to look at other houses in case the offer is not accepted.

joeh said...

Best of luck. Buying a house is stressful but ultimately very rewarding.

Dan the Mountain Man said...

Joeh ~ Thank you. Yes stressing but there is a little freedom that comes with owning a house.