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Friday, March 28, 2014

Photo Of The Week: Spring Snow

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

A Little Bit Of A Scare Tonight!

My family had a little bit of a scare tonight. I was finishing up my dinner break when my younger sister called me telling me my older brother, Steven, was missing. Both my sister and brother are mentally handicap. I told her to call my mom and i would call mom on my next break. My sister makes things sound bigger then they are most of the time. I was little worried but I figured Steven would go back to the group home or my mom's house. My biggest worry was the weather tonight. The temperatures dropped and the wind is blowing with snow too.

On my last break, I called my mom and she told me, Steven was back at the group home. She told me the basics of what happen. Apparently, someone made Steven mad at the group home and he ran off. His social worker and some of the staff looked for him. Steven came back to the group home after a few hours. He went to the library in town which is a long walk from the group home. The distant is not much for Steven to walk. When he was young he would walk and ride his bike all over. In fact, mom and I were talking this past weekend about the time many year ago Steven got lost up on the Blue Ridge Parkway.

We are glad Steven is back home safe now. We thank God for that.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Shopping Trip With Mom

It was a nice day out and I needed to get a new pair of shoes for work. Since mom had the day off to she can along with me.

After having breakfast together at mom's house we headed out to go shopping in Asheville. Our first stop was the bread thrift store in Arden. They were closed by the time we got there. We just missed them by five minutes. I guess I will have to stop in on my way to work one day.

Next, we headed to Discount Shoes on Brevard Road to get my work shoes. I like going there to get my shoes. There is a truck that comes to the warehouse were I work, but the Discount Shoes has some of the same shoe for less. It is worth the drive for what I save on the shoes. I looked through the shoes they offered. The first pair, I tried on was a slip-on pair of steel toed shoes. They were very comfortable and I like slip-on shoes. It looked around and found the a pair of the shoes I'm replacing. I decided to go with the second pair since they were $20 cheaper and comfortable too. The last pair lasted me two years. I may get the other pair later some I have a backup pair of shoes for work. Now I just need to remember to take the receipt into work on Monday so the company I work for can reimburse me 60 percent of the shoes.

After the shoe store, we drove on the Blue Ridge Parkway to get to the other side of Asheville. We stopped at the Folk Art Center near the US Highway 70 exit on the parkway. I always enjoy looking at the art work there. One place I cannot wait to take Jo Anne too when she gets here.

Are next stop was the thrift store for the Rescue Mission. I did not see anything I needed there so we head on down to Foreign Affairs. Foreign Affairs is the best oriental stores in the Asheville. The lady who owns the store married a man from the Philippines. The staff, which is her family, are very helpful in finding want you need. If they do not have it they will order it for you. They are all so a good place to connect with the Asian community. I got some things to cook for dinner. Her son helped me pick out some vegetables to prepare a great stir fry. This is another place I cannot wait to bring Jo Anne. I am glad I have a great place to go so she can still have the foods from the Philippines.

Next we went to the Goodwill store near the Asheville Mall. I was disappointed today. Normally they have some great stuff in there. Today, they had more women's clothes in the men's section then men's clothes.

We finished our shopping trip off at the Asheville Mall. I always enjoyed going to the mall. Today was no different. We looked around in a couple of the department stores for stuff for the new house when we find one. The last store was the Barnes and Noble store. I hate that they took the chairs and places to sit throughout the store out. I always have a list of books I want to get at the store and sitting down and skimming through the book helped me decide on which book I want to get that day. All the books I had on my mind while in the book store were sold out. I am sure I could had found another book to buy if I had place to sit other then the noisy Starbucks down stairs. I even thought not a couple books I want on the way home too. I guess the less seating thing is not just a Barnes and Noble thing since mom and I had to search for a place to sit down in the hallway. We got a some pretzels to snack on and want to sit down to eat ant rest before moving on. Where are then men to sit while their wives are shopping? I guess you want them with with their wives telling no we do have the money or need it.

After a long day of shopping we heading back to mom's house for dinner. I fixed the meal the guy at Foreign Affairs suggested and it was good. It went great with the pork lumpia I got their too.

Friday, March 21, 2014

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Top 10 Iconic Cartoon Characters of All Time

I enjoy having the videos by on YouTube. I can remember watching all the top 10 in this video except one. Anyone want to witch one?

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Relaxing Ride On Nice Saturday

Saturday, I decided to go for a trip down to Greenville County in South Carolina. I took my friend, Seth a long with Rayna with me. Rayna enjoyed spending the day with me instead of being left alone all day at the house. I feel so bad leaving her at home along when I go to work.

The propose of this trip was to take some more pictures for my Spiritual Places, Spiritual Moments blog. I managed to get some good pictures.

View from Lima Baptist Church in Travelers Rest, South Carolina.

It was good to travel the roads of Northern Greenville County again. I used to do a lot of photo request in the area when I lived near the state-line. Some of the pictures, I will have to return to retake and take some more pictures of church and cemeteries I miss today. Seth and I eat lunch in Travelers Rest and I got gas before heading back up the mountain. I got Rayna some chicken tenders for her lunch. She enjoyed them a lot. I got tired early because I did not sleep good Friday night, so I stopped looking for pictures to take and just enjoyed the drive back home.

On the way back home, I took a ride up through the Greenville Watershed and through the town of Tuxedo, North Carolina with a ride around Lake Summit. The road we took can out in on U.S. Highway 176 just below the Green River Bridge. The old bridge was closed off and made into a pedestrian walk when they built a new bridge over the river. I could not believe how narrow the old bridge looked. I do not remember it being so narrow all those year ago when I drove my car over it.

I am planning to go back down to South Carolina maybe in April to take more pictures. I glad with Day Light Savings and the long days, I will have more daylight to take more pictures.

Wednesday, March 05, 2014

House Search Update

This past weekend, I looked at another house with my mom and the realtor. My mom and I like the house very much. The house had two bedrooms and two baths. It was very roomy and had a nice flow to it. The house was in a lovely quiet neighborhood and had a beautiful yard. The back yard was fenced in. I could see Rayna enjoying running around the back yard and inviting friends over for a cookout. Jo Anne and I would have plenty of room for the garden we want to have. I could see us living in the house.

The house had one problem. It was on a shared well. The realtor heard that the city maybe running waterlines in the area. She called the water department on Monday and was told that the house was not in the area that they were extending the waterlines. With seven home on the shared well the loan will not go through. I really do not want the trouble that could happen with a shared well. Growing up my grandparents house was on a shared well. It was fine until one of our neighbors on the well moved and someone else moved in. My grandfather had a lot of problems dealing with the new neighbor on the well. I do not want to have to deal with those kind of problems.

I have looked at a couple houses in my search. I feel strange when I am looking at the house when the people selling the house are still living there. I felt really weird with the house this past weekend because I think the people living in the house are renting the house. I am a very private person when it comes to who comes into my house. It would bug me having people I do not know looking through my home.

Jo Anne and I are waiting to hear if the offer on another house is approved. It is the one we like the best so far and it is the closes to mine and my mom's work. If I get it I will have a full basement to running my eBay store out of. We are just waiting for the Bank of America to make a decision on the short sale for that house. I am glad the loan is for going through the Bank of America.

I will find a good house for my mom, Jo Anne, and I to live in. I hope to find one before the Jo Anne gets here.