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Sunday, February 16, 2014

Snow, Earthquake, Sick, Messed Up Phone!

This was a interesting week. We received 8 to 12 inches of snow here is Hendersonville, North Carolina. I believe I felt the earthquake that happen in South Carolina. I also got sick twice and my cell phone messed up again.>/p>

I am always amazed how people run to the store at the hearing of snow and buy milk and bread. I just do my regular shopping. I stopped at Wal-mart to get a few things, my mom and I needed. The milk case and the bread aisle were bare.

Wednesday and Tuesday Nights, I took Rayna and stayed at my mom's house. They cancelled my shift Wednesday night due to the snow storm coming in and the amount of snow they were calling for. I got sick a little Wednesday night. Mostly with a bad headache. Mom and I enjoyed our evening of watching television and spending time together. We stepped outside to watch the snow come down. Most of the snow came down in the early morning hours of Thursday. Mom called her work Thursday morning and was told to stay home. My work said to come in as safe would allow. I tried to head out but the secondary road that my mom's apartment is off from was still snowy and icy. I was sliding as I traveled down the road, so I turned around and went back to mom's house. The road crews did a great job with the amount of snow we got. The roads were clear enough Friday to get out and take care of things. I took Rayna back house and shipped the books I sold during the snow storm before heading to work.

It was good to get back to work on Friday night. Work was busy but went smoothly. We are a couple days behind on orders but are working overtime to catch up. While at work, I believe I felt the Magnitude 4.1 earthquake that epicenter was just outside of Edgefield, South Carolina. I just felt little shake form the quake.

I was getting ready for wok Saturday Afternoon when I got sick again. I was heading over to mom's house when I started throwing up all over myself in my car. I could not stop or pull over since there was a car right behind me. I called off work after I got cleaned up and threw up some more. I hate getting sick. I think it was something I eat that cause me to get sick both times this week.

While it has been awhile since I had a major problem with my cell phone but my smartphone crashed Thursday night. I started getting messages that this and that app and program is not working. I turn the off and back on, did soft reset and still got the messages. Friday, I took the phone to the cell phone store an they did a hard reset and that did not work. While they are sending me a replacement phone. I should get it Monday. The worst part about my phone not working is Jo Anne and I our not able to talk as much. I cannot wait to get the replacement phone.

This was a interesting and active week. The coming week is suppose to by warm. I hope things get back to normal. Here are some more pictures of the snow.


Mary Hagopian said...

It's too bad about your phone. That phone must have been messed up as any of the resets won't work. Either way, I hope your replacement phone would be better, as the repair guys condemned your old one.
Mary Hagopian @

Dan the Mountain Man said...

Mary ~ It was a software problem. So far the replacement is working but it does weird things too.