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Sunday, February 16, 2014

Downtown Art In Lenoir, North Carolina

Last weekend, I traveled down to Lenoir, North Carolina to see my aunt and uncle. I decided to checkout the downtown area a little bit. Most of the stores where already closed. It was only 4:30 on a Saturday. While it was not a total waste because I got to see some great art along the streets. Here are some of the works of art you can see in downtown Lenoir.

This was on the main square on Main Street. I could not find the name plate for it but I liked it.

This is "Red Corona" by Steve Bickley. It is located on the main square too.

The is "Myrtle, the Mail Lady" by Raymond Gibbens. Located on Main Street.

This is "Across the Grain" by Thomas H. Sayre. This big piece of art is a block away from Main Street in a little park area.

These are just a few pieces of artwork you can see in downtown Lenoir. Take a trip and check the art out. I recommend getting there way before 5 in the afternoon so you can check out some of the stores too. Just looking at the art does make for an enjoyable walk in itself.


Valerie said...

I like Myrtle, the Mail Lady.

Dan the Mountain Man said...

Valerie ~ It is mt favorite of the artwork I saw there.