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Tuesday, January 07, 2014

It Is Freaking Cold Outside!

Oh my God, it is freaking cold outside! This morning it was -2 degrees Fahrenheit outside, that is around -18 Celsius for my friends outside the United States. It has been a few year since I seen the temperatures get this low around here. I do not think it got any slower then 10 degrees last winter. It may get up to 20 degrees today and start getting back to normal tomorrow.

Each year I hear about the extreme cold in the North and Midwest States, and I have to admirer the people there living through that weather. I could not imagine being without power in this cold. My house is even cold even with the heat running. While there is nothing like crawling under some warm blanket on a cold night after getting home from work. If I did not have to go to work and do some other thing,s I would stay in my warm bed.

I have been without water since Saturday. This is one of the reasons I am starting to look for a house of my own. I am tired of having to wait for someone to fix things. While at least I have heat and I can get shower over at my mom's house.

I hope everyone is doing good and if you are in the cold areas that you are warm. Before we know it Spring will be here.

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