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Thursday, January 09, 2014

Food Journey: Kefir

With is being the season for different sicknesses going around, I though I would share a home remedy. When I get heartburn, upset stomach or the runs I get some kefir to drink. Kefir is fermented milk drink similar to drinkable yogurt. If your grocery store carry it, you should find it in the Dairy Section.

I first heard of kefir several years ago when I worked for a company the did resets for a grocery store chain. I tried if to see how it tasted and I like it. I get in once in a while to enjoy and help keep my digestive system working good. One of my coworkers uses kefir instead of milk for his cereal. I have tried it and do not like it that way. I like to drink it straight from a glass. Here is a drink for your health.

I am not a doctor and you should talk with your doctor about kefir as part of your health plan.

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