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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Review of 2013

It was been two weeks since my last post. I had a busy December. I sold a lot of books in my online store and worked a lot of overtime at work. Then I have been looking for house of my own, which is going good so far.

Many of you who follow Mountain Highs and Valley Lows like to keep up with Jo Anne's Visa process. The lawyer helping us with the Visa send a status request to USCIS at the beginning of December. I received a letter from USCIS on Christmas Eve says that our Visa processing is within current processing time.

This year, my mom and I have visited to my aunt and uncle. They have moved in a nice place with great views just outside Lenoir, NC. The big draw back in it is a two hours drive to go down and see them. I am looking forward to summer when it stays light later. I hate going up Old Fort Mountain in the dark. Both my aunt and uncle have been in the hospital this year. Fortunately, they have been short stays. The last couple times I have seem my uncle, I have enjoyed seeing him talk with his first son that he had not seen in about forty years. Since, I got Family Tree Maker program of my computer and the subscription to, I decided to try to find my uncle's first son for him. I asked my uncle the information he knew on his son and ex wife. That night, I got on the internet and did my search. I found my uncle's son by ten o'clock that night. I pass the information to my aunt and uncle. My cousin looked his half brother up on Facebook and sent his a message. My uncle's first son replied and they have been talking a lot since. My uncle's first son even came down from Pennsylvania to see my uncle. I got to talk with him on Christmas Eve.

I started looking for a house to own instead of renting this mouth. It is time for me to start working on the dream of home ownership. I do not really like the place I live now but people leave my stuff alone. I just tired of see the police at my neighbors' houses and trying to get a hold of my landlord to get something fixed in my house. The house search is going good. I looked into a couple houses at this point and went to a showing this weekend to a house Jo Anne and I both love. I have been talking with the realtor helping me look about making an offer and how much to offer. She advised me to get an offer that a will feel comfortable making the monthly payments on my own. Our plan is to have my mom to move in with us too. I will decide on the offer on Thursday. I know there is two other offers at this time.

It was a very wet year here in Western North Carolina. We had around 75 inches of rain this year. Then is about 25 inches above the average for the year in the area.

I did great with my online store. I sold almost 500 books this year. I would have made a profit if I did not have to buy a new laptop and two new cameras. I spilled coffee on my old laptop. I bought a new camera because my old camera stopped working. I broke the view screen on the camera I bought to replace it. So I bought another camera. I love the latest camera which I use for my listings' pictures and the picture I share on my blogs. I am looking forward to the year ahead to even more great customers and hear the reason they buying the books I sell.  It makes me feel good when a customer thanks me for my fast shipping and the way I package the books I sell. It lets me know I am doing something right. Even the few problems let me know how I can improve my service to my customers. I have a few ideas to do to improve my store in 2014.

I am glad to see 2013 almost over now. It was a busy and with many ups and down. I look forward to the hope of a better year in 2014.


joeh said...

I think you are in for a great 2014.

Happy New Year!

Dan the Mountain Man said...

Joeh ~ I am sure Jo Anne and I are in for a great 2014. I hope you and your family have a a great 2014 too.

Happy New Year!