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Sunday, December 15, 2013

Dinner And A Movie With Mom

I had a enjoyable evening out with my mom this Saturday night. When I picked mom up from her work, we drove by one of the houses I am looking at in my house search. I am not completely sure about the house since it is next to a garage, but I like some of the features of the house. I am just thinking if I decide to sale the house the garage next door maybe a problem. I asked the realtor that I am working with to schedule a show for me of this house. I have some other leads to follow.

After we cleaned up from our day, we headed to Biltmore Park. We had a enjoyable dinner at a Italian Restaurant. The food was great and the service was okay. Our waiter was busy but still did a okay job of waiting our table. I am getting to the point I do enjoy going out to eat as much as I used to. It seems you pay more and more for the drinks and get less and less refills. Some restaurants give you a big plate to eat off of and the food only covers a fourth of the plate if you lucky. Fortunately, the plate issue was only a issue on the salad. The main course did fill the plate. Most Italian Restaurants leave me with the feeling I got ripped off any way. The only reason I went was because mom wanted to go there and the other restaurants had longer waiting times. I did enjoy the pizza I had and would recommend it to anyone who goes to the restaurant.

After dinner, Mom and I headed over to the movie theater and watched the Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug. I was not disappointed in the second part of three in the Hobbit story. Peter Jackson did another great job putting the movie together. The best part of the movie is it had my two favorite characters of Gandalf the Grey and Legolas. The ending is unexpected and leaves you wanting to see the third movie. I wish I had the free money to do want I with the Lord of The Rings movies. I saw all three of they at three three times in the theater.

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