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Saturday, November 09, 2013

Typhoon Haiyan Hits The Philippines

I am glad to report the Jo Anne is safe. Typhoon hit to the south of where she lives. She got some wind and rain at your house and work. Jo Anne's work is going to have a medical mission in the area she works on Monday.

I am waiting to hear news on my sponsored child through Compassion. The worst hit areas were just to the east of where he lives. Compassion will update me on their website once that get word.

I have heard the dead toll is already at 1200 people. Many of the people in the path of the storm have lost all the own.

Please pray for the people of the Philippines as they deal with the aftermath of the storm.


joeh said...

Glad to hear your loved ones are safe, and yes will pray for the rest of the Philippine people.

Valerie said...

I was unable to get here sooner to enquire about Jo Anne. What a relief to learn that she is okay.

Dan the Mountain Man said...

Joeh and Val ~ I am glad Jo Anne and her family are doing good too. The Organization, Jo Anne works for has sent medical teams to the worst hit areas to help. Jo Anne maybe going on a later team.

I am still waiting to hear word on my sponsor child that lives closer to the worst hit area.

Thank you for your pray. Joe, I thought I answered your comment earlier. This week has been busy.