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Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Trip To See My Aunt And Uncle

Today, my mom and I headed down to Lenoir, North Carolina. It was a beautiful ride and an enjoyable day. We treated my aunt and uncle out to lunch and got them some things they needed for their new place. I enjoyed looking around the view at their place.

They are surrounded my house farms. It was some peaceful looking around outside at the horses and the view.

My aunt and uncle seem so happy to have a place of their own again. The even look healthier. The past couple year have been hard for them. We almost lost them both. Thanks to the great first responders and medical staff at the hospitals they are still here.

I was planning to go down to Commerce, Georgia tomorrow with my mom, but I have been having problem with my car. I will get it fixed later this week. I plan to go to Georgia next week. I hope it is what I believe it is. I know about the cost to get it fixed and I have the money to cover it.

My aunt has been talking about looking at the son from my uncle's first marriage. My cousin try to look but did not found any thing. Tonight, when I got back to my mom's house I did a little research on the internet with the information my aunt and uncle give me today. After, about a hour I believe I found him. I have an address. I double check the information on different resources I use on the internet and I am 100 percent sure that it is him. I will call my aunt and uncle in the morning and tell them want on found and see what they want to do next.

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