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Saturday, October 19, 2013

Window 8.1 is here!

When I got my new laptop it had Windows 8 on it. I hated it. It seemed that I had to go through one or two extra steps to do things I could do on previous versions of Windows.

Microsoft released Window 8.1 this week and it is free for Windows 8 users. I have downloaded it and have been setting it up and playing around a little. Some of the feature I like in Windows 8.1 is the start button is back, you can setup you computer to startup on the desktop not the start page, and have the same back ground picture for your start page and desktop.

I love having the start button it at least give you the feeling that you have one place to go to get the things you are looking for. With Windows 8, I felt I had to go looking to everything I wanted to do. Figuring where to start your search a pain sometimes. If you wanted to do one thing you needed to start here and another thing you needed to start in a different place. Pick to wrong spot to start your search you are just wasting your time. With Windows 8.1 you can do a lot using the start button by right or left clicking on the start button.

I like starting my computer on my desktop. I did not like Windows 8 since you had to start on the start page. With Windows 8.1, you and setup your computer to start on your desktop or the start page. Starting on my desktop helped me because most on the things I do on my laptop is on the desktop. Hey I am on a computer not a cell phone.

I like that I can have the same picture on my desktop and start page. This makes the switching from the Start Page and the Desktop feel more smoother. I am not sure if you could do this with Windows 8 but I glad I have it setup on Windows 8.1. I learned about this feature on Kim Komando's website.

I am still checking Windows 8.1 and I like it. The changes that Microsoft made took care of most on the issues I had with Windows 8 or at least easier to deal with those issue. The little I have been using Windows 8.1 has made me feel like the computer is helping me do my work on the computer not fighting against me like Windows 8 made me feel. For those of you still using Windows XP, Windows XP's end-of-life date is April 8, 2014. Microsoft will not provide updates after that date. I believe updating to Windows 8.1 will be a great option now.

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