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Sunday, October 27, 2013

Looking Forward To My Vacation

I have one more week of work before a have almost two weeks of vacation. After this week, I work a half day next Monday then I am on off from work until the 21st of November. I had been saving my vacation days in case Jo Anne and I got the approval for her Visa but I needed to schedule my vacation days before the end of the year and the days were filling up.

I am planning to take a couple day trips to get out of town a little. I am also planning to use the time off to get more of my books list on my store on eBay, Dan the Mountain's Emporium. I am also wanting to start working on a project for my website which I have not done really anything with for the past couple years. I hope to be good at posting on Mountains Highs and Valley Lows while off from my job.

At this point, the part of my vacation I am looking forward to the most is going down the mountain with my mom to visit my aunt and uncle. They just moved into their new house. My aunt seems so happy now. They have been staying at one cousins house for the past several months after leaving leaving the place they lived for some 15 or so years. They were renting to own and the landlord was doing some shady things. Mom and I plan to take a house warming gift down to them when we go to visit. They are almost starting completely over with things for the house.

Some of the other places I plan to go are to the Outlet Stores in Commerce, Georgia, look around Greenville / Spartanburg, South Carolina and one of my friends wants to take me somewhere on his day off. I have not had a chance to really travel at all this year. I feel like I have been so busy at work or with my book store or being sick. I love to travel. Jo Anne and I plan to do as much traveling as we can when she gets here.

I am looking so forward to my vacation so I am hopefully relax a little. I hope I can enjoy a little shopping too. I hope this week at work goes by quickly.


Valerie said...

I hope you get everything done that you want to do, Dan, and enjoy it in the process. I am surprised that Jo Anne still hasn't got the Visa. Wonder what holds these things up? It's been ages.Wishing you both all the best.

Dan the Mountain Man said...

Val ~ I hope I get most of my plans done too. The hold up on the Visa is a small legal technicality. The law is written in a way it could have different meaning to different lawyers or judges. Jo Anne and I know things will work out for us to be together.