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Sunday, September 29, 2013

Some Much To Do So Little Time!

I am in one of those times in life where I am doing a lot of things but feel like I am getting very little done. If you have been following Mountain Highs and Valley Lows would a while you know about the Visa process, my online store and I also work a full time job. I guess they have been the topics I have talked the most about lately on the Blog. I do have other things going on in my life that I do not share about here that much. Here lately it seems like everything is happening all at once at times.

This summer, I got to work a lot of overtime at work. I thank God for the extra money that provided. It has helped with the Money needed in the Visa process and I have been able to help some family and friends with the money. It looks like the overtime is slowing down know. Which is normal for this time of year add we have a full crew at work with everyone back from help at one of the other warehouses in the company.

I hope to focus in getting more books listed online too. This summer, I feel like I have been too tired to do any thing or sick on my days off. I still have about 90 boxes of books in my house to go through and list online. I have been doing good with my sales and enjoy reading the great feedback I have gotten from my customers.

I have been helping my mom out a lot this year. Since she wreaked her car last year, I have been taking she to work and some days picking her up from work and bring her back home. My oldest sister was helping for a little bit but, she is off trying to get things straighten out in her life right now. I love my family but it is amazing the person you love do cause the most stress in your life. Mom wants to get a new car if she can get the money saved up for one. We have been working on getting her health insurance. We have an appointment Monday afternoon to sign up for insurance that covers the things Medicare does not cover. It is a lot of information to go over and so little time to focus on it. I am glad my family has a trusted family we can go to for advice on insurance.

While we are waiting on the approval of Jo Anne's Visa. Jo Anne and I have been talking about our plans for when she gets here. I am starting to work on finding a better place to live then the place I live now. It is an okay place to live but it is getting to the point it not going to fill the needs of Jo Anne and me.

I have managed to take a little time to do some work around the house for myself in the past two weeks. I still need to take a day to do a full cleaning on the yard. I hope I can get to doing it before my vacation in November. I am also overdue for a haircut. Every time I plan to call my friend who does my hair, I get busy doing something else that comes up. Once I get an appointment setup getting a haircut will not be a problem. I do have a thing about who I let cut my hair.

When I do sit down and think about things, I am doing a lot and getting a lot done. I just have a lot going on right now and that is the reason I feel I am not getting much done. the list seems to be getting longer then shorter.

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