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Sunday, August 04, 2013

Improving My Online Store

With my online store I try to provide the best service for my customers. Right now I'm in the process of getting new bookshelves to store the books I have listed in my store. Already has helped me find books faster with the new shelves. I plan to get maybe 3 or 4 more shells for my book store. If I have any extra hillside road list of books that I have listed on the bookshelf I plan on getting some more for this books that I have before I would be for a list of them. Currently only have 450 books listed but I probably have about 3000 or so books waiting to be listed.

The new book shelves are part of an organization plan that I have to help me to be more efficient with my books. I hope it will help me ship them faster and list to them online faster.

I started selling the books online to help me get extra money with Jo Anne's Visa process. After she gets here we are talking about making the books another income stream for us and to do different ministry ideas we have. Our big dream is to help people in the Philippines find ways out of the extreme poverty. My friend and mentor, Keith, did a profit projection sheet for me using some of my sales figures. I really need to work on getting more of my books listed. I have some good books left to list that I am sure we sell quickly after I list them.


Valerie said...

Selling books is a great venture, Dan. I really hope you do well and are able to raise lots of money for such a good cause. Praying for you that the visa comes through soon.

Dan the Mountain Man said...

Valerie ~ Thank you for your continuing prayers. I enjoy selling books. The down side is I do not get to read as much now.