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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Fixing Mom's TV

Me had a thunderstorm on Monday night and my mom's digital antenna stopped working. On Tuesday, I try to get it working by reprogramming the channels. That did not work at all. On my way home Tuesday night, I stopped at Wal~Mart and brought a new digit antenna for mom. While I was looking at the different antenna available I saw they have a convertor box too. I have not seen the convertor boxes in the stores since all the television stations switched to all digital signals. While on Wednesday, I go to mom's house and hook up the new antenna. I tried programming the channels and nothing. Remembering the convertor box, I heading to Wal~mart and brought mom a new convertor box. I got it hooked and did the channel programming and got 13 channels. After I adjusted the antenna a little, I ran the add channel programming and all the rest of the channels I got on the old convertor box. I looked through the channels and got clean signal on them all and did not have to move the antenna. With the old convertor box and antenna, we would have to move the antenna around when we changed some channels. I am very happy the the convertor box and antenna. They are both made by RCA, which I do not see many product any more by RCA. Now mom is happy to have her television working again. I am happy that I can watch the travel and cooking show on PBS again. Maybe I should do a post on them.


Valerie said...

At least you knew what to do, Dan. Many folk, including me and mine, wouldn't have a clue. Well done.

Dan the Mountain Man said...

I just did a little troubleshooting. Try this and then that until the problem is fixed.