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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Compost Pile Coming Along

Since, I moved into the place I am living I have not had much grass in the yard. Over the pass couple years now I have been doing compost piles to create soil for the yard. After I get I good layer nice rich top soil I pain I putting some grass seed and maybe some flowers down make the yard look better. This morning I adding more food waste, coffee grounds, and shredded paper while I turn the pile. This pile is turned out to been my best compost pile yet. The dirt is rich black color. I even drug down I little last night into the pile and felt the heat inside. In my reading about composting that is a good sign. I am trying to decide if I will add to this compost pile through the summer or start working on another pile. I believe I have enough yard waste in the yard to start working on another compost pile now. I will start another compost in the fall when the leaves start falling off the trees. Either way I continue to involve on my compost making skills. Yard work never seems to end.

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