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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Busy Working!

This past weekend was the first Sunday, I have worked since starting my job at the warehouse. We have been working overtime each week for several weeks now. Last week and now this week weeks are getting lots of orders in the system. The tornadoes are part of the reason we are so busy and we are coming up on a price change on the products my company sells coming up later this month.

One of the things, I like about my job is that I work Monday thru Friday with the a Saturday once in awhile. I love having Sunday off for church and rest. I decided to volunteer to work the Sunday when They offered it because I get paid double time on Sundays. I am not planning to work the next Sunday if any come up because it is a little much on the body to work the weeks straight through. The extra money will help with the seemingly endless government and lawyer's fees with Jo Anne's Visa. We are praying we get the approval this round. I ask you guys to continue to pray for Jon Anne and I and that the issues holding the Visa back will resolve soon.

I am also having a good month so far with my online book store. I have sold 16 books already this month. I believe, I while set a new sales record this month. My best best right now is 58 books. I enjoy reading the great feedback I get from my books selling. Working all last weekend left no time to prepare more books for listing but I am sure I will get lots posted this weekend and next week.


joeh said...

I'll never understand why it is so easy to sneak into this country and then be protected as a citizen, and it is so difficult to enter legally even when there is a productive citizen such as yourself waiting for approval.

Throwing in a prayer for approval.

Dan the Mountain Man said...

joeh ~ Thank you for your prayers. I have been thinking of doing a post on my views on immigration but I have not had the time to write it out and make my point clear. But, there has to be a better way then the current system.