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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Compost Pile Coming Along

Since, I moved into the place I am living I have not had much grass in the yard. Over the pass couple years now I have been doing compost piles to create soil for the yard. After I get I good layer nice rich top soil I pain I putting some grass seed and maybe some flowers down make the yard look better. This morning I adding more food waste, coffee grounds, and shredded paper while I turn the pile. This pile is turned out to been my best compost pile yet. The dirt is rich black color. I even drug down I little last night into the pile and felt the heat inside. In my reading about composting that is a good sign. I am trying to decide if I will add to this compost pile through the summer or start working on another pile. I believe I have enough yard waste in the yard to start working on another compost pile now. I will start another compost in the fall when the leaves start falling off the trees. Either way I continue to involve on my compost making skills. Yard work never seems to end.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Visiting My Brother Steven

Today, my mom and I head to my brother, Steven's house to visit him. We enjoyed our visit talking and watching the birds and the ground-hog play in the field. We talked with Steven about celebrating his and his girlfriend, Velma's birth in July. Velma was taking a nap when we were there today. I am sure Steven and Velma will enjoy the buffet we plan to take them to since them do not get out much. My sister, Lisa, and her boyfriend came over for a few minutes.

Mom and Steven

Lisa and her boyfriend, Scott

The Ground-Hog

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Busy Working!

This past weekend was the first Sunday, I have worked since starting my job at the warehouse. We have been working overtime each week for several weeks now. Last week and now this week weeks are getting lots of orders in the system. The tornadoes are part of the reason we are so busy and we are coming up on a price change on the products my company sells coming up later this month.

One of the things, I like about my job is that I work Monday thru Friday with the a Saturday once in awhile. I love having Sunday off for church and rest. I decided to volunteer to work the Sunday when They offered it because I get paid double time on Sundays. I am not planning to work the next Sunday if any come up because it is a little much on the body to work the weeks straight through. The extra money will help with the seemingly endless government and lawyer's fees with Jo Anne's Visa. We are praying we get the approval this round. I ask you guys to continue to pray for Jon Anne and I and that the issues holding the Visa back will resolve soon.

I am also having a good month so far with my online book store. I have sold 16 books already this month. I believe, I while set a new sales record this month. My best best right now is 58 books. I enjoy reading the great feedback I get from my books selling. Working all last weekend left no time to prepare more books for listing but I am sure I will get lots posted this weekend and next week.

Friday, June 07, 2013

Photo Of The Week: Bird In Tree

I have been trying to see how the zoom works. Finding the bird in the view finder was the hardest part.

Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Finally, I Got A Smart Phone!

Yesterday, while doing my running for the day, I stopped a the cell phone store to upgrade my phone. For those of you who have been following, Mountain Highs and Valley Lows for awhile you know I have had some bad luck with phones in the past. I qualified for an upgrade on Sunday. The past few days, I have been looking at different and packages. After much thinking, I decide to go with a smart phone and add a data plan to my package. I upgraded my package to unlimited text and talk and added the data plan and came out only adding $20 to $25 to my monthly bill.

The thing that is the most important thing is for Yahoo Instant Messenger to work on my phone. It is Jo Anne and my main way of communicating with one another. We both have had problems with Yahoo Instant Messenger not working right. So far it seems to be working good.

I plan to use the new features and data plan to help with my online store. I am able to check my email anytime now. I plan to used my laptop off on the hot spot made by my phone in better work on my listings at my mom's house. I am hoping it will help me get more books listed then the way I have been doing my listings.

I things go as plan I hope to have a little more time to post more stuff on Mountain Highs and Vally Lows. I am looking into the Blogger app for my cell phone. I know the phone will make it easier to do research on things, I want to blog about as I am visiting different places I post about on my Blogs. My friend Joey and I are planning to do a little hike sometime in the next few weeks. I have a cemetery to try to locate in the area we will travel on that day.

While we will see if my new phone opens a new world for me or just more heartache of broken broke phones. I am hoping for the new world. It will me things posted here more interesting.