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Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Interesting Names Of Towns

I work at a warehouse where I pack orders and I sell books online too. With both I get to see the name of a lot of places. Seeing some of the name gave me an idea to put a list of names of towns. The following are names of real towns or villages with my witty comments.

Bad Axe, Michigan ~ I think I have a headache!

Bat Cave, North Carolina ~ Just down the road from me and I am still waiting to see Batman and Robin.

Boogertown, North Carolina ~ Now you know where to put it when you pick your nose!

Deadhorse, Alaska ~ Are you thinking what I am thinking, someone left the house outside on a winter's night.

Hurricane, Utah ~ I have some Hurricane Insurance to sell you here. The last hurricane to hit this town was a big one.

Intercourse, Pennsylvania ~ I heard it is a great place to buy a bed.

Blue Ball, Pennsylvania ~ Let go play some dodge ball. Maybe it is even funnier because in is near Intercourse for you people with dirty minds.

Lizard Lick, North Carolina ~ Makes you wonder what they are really doing in Raleigh.

Painted Post, New York ~ How often do they paint the post?

Poor Town, North Carolina ~ Yep they all paid their taxes!

If you like these, I may share some more but do town names in themes.


Janet, said...

Neat names! there is a Hurricane and Tornado in WV. And, they are not towns, more like hollows - but there is also a Buzzard Rock and Wolf Pen where I grew up in WV.

Dan the Mountain Man said...

Janet ~ Sometimes you wonder how some places got there names. I may do another post on town names sometime