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Friday, May 31, 2013

Photo Of The Week: Pink Roses For My Love!

Jo Anne loves flowers so I do try to take pictures of flowers when I can. I love look at these roses near my mom's house.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

A Cool Video Of The Auroras Over Michigan

It is amazing the things God put into nature for us. The Auroras is God's light show for us. This is a really cool video of the auroras over Michigan. Cool way of showing the atmosphere is protecting us from the solar winds.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Earworms and Random Songs!

Over the past few years, I have have an ear-worm that mostly hits me while I am at work. An ear-worm is a song you get stuck in your head and can not get it out. My ear-worm is Flowers on the Wall by the Statler Brothers. It makes me think of my grandmother who loved listening to the Statler Brothers. I do not know what started it off since my grandmother pass away 14 years ago and I have not listened much to the Statler Brothers since then.

I also get in the mood to sing Swing Low, Sweet Chariot sometimes at random. This one reminds me of summer camp when I was young. The head counselor liked Swing Low, Sweet Chariot. Here is a video of Johnny Cash singing it.

What are some ear-worms you have had?

Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Interesting Names Of Towns

I work at a warehouse where I pack orders and I sell books online too. With both I get to see the name of a lot of places. Seeing some of the name gave me an idea to put a list of names of towns. The following are names of real towns or villages with my witty comments.

Bad Axe, Michigan ~ I think I have a headache!

Bat Cave, North Carolina ~ Just down the road from me and I am still waiting to see Batman and Robin.

Boogertown, North Carolina ~ Now you know where to put it when you pick your nose!

Deadhorse, Alaska ~ Are you thinking what I am thinking, someone left the house outside on a winter's night.

Hurricane, Utah ~ I have some Hurricane Insurance to sell you here. The last hurricane to hit this town was a big one.

Intercourse, Pennsylvania ~ I heard it is a great place to buy a bed.

Blue Ball, Pennsylvania ~ Let go play some dodge ball. Maybe it is even funnier because in is near Intercourse for you people with dirty minds.

Lizard Lick, North Carolina ~ Makes you wonder what they are really doing in Raleigh.

Painted Post, New York ~ How often do they paint the post?

Poor Town, North Carolina ~ Yep they all paid their taxes!

If you like these, I may share some more but do town names in themes.

Sunday, May 05, 2013

My Laptop Wanted A Drink Of Coffee

I had a a couple post planned to do last weekend. Saturday morning, I was getting ready to talk with Jo Anne on Skype some we could see one another on webcam. I had my coffee sitting on the table. I knocked the coffee cup over right on to my laptop. My keyboard got messed up and I think a little got on the insides. After checking to see how much it would cost to get it fixed, I decided to just get a new laptop. I have been working on setting up the new laptop all week. I can still get on the old laptop and email files I need on the new laptop from my old one.

I like the speed of the new laptop and some of the other features but I am not impressed with Windows 8. I feel like I have to go through at least three steps to do things I could do in one step on earlier versions of Windows. There are things flying all over the screen. If I get into a program from the start page, I see not way of closing the program when done. I am glad they still have the desktop and I am setting it up with the programs I need. I just try to avoid the start page apps and go to the desktop.

I have given myself some new rules to follow with my new laptop.

  • No drinks near the laptop.
  • No foods that you eat with liquids. (i.e. cereal)

I am looking at getting a case to keep my laptop in too. I have been carrying my laptop in a old book bag. I still need a case for my new camera which I love even more as I learn the new features on it. Buying the new laptop has set back my plan for getting a tripod for my camera but I am still looking around at different ones.

With the new camera and laptop, I hope to make a little more time for my blogs. I am planning to take a day trip with one of my friends to see the towns of Highlands and Cashiers, North Carolina. I hope to take some for pictures for my Spiritual Places, Spiritual Moments blog. Of course, I will have a post here on Mountain Highs and Valley Lows on the trip.