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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Time For Spring Cleaning

With the arrival of spring it is time to start the spring cleaning. I have already starting on doing a little extra cleaning in the house and a little yard work.

They are building new apartments in behind my house. I feel like I am cleaning out cobwebs in my bedroom and hallway more. It is almost like they reappear as soon as I take them down. I have swept and mopped the hallway and put two plastic shelves up for the books in my online store. Less room now in the hallway but I can still get through with no problems. I have straighten the boxes for my book store once again. I did not realize I had that many boxes for shipping my books. I hope my sales continue to go up. With the work I done in the kitchen and living room, I seem to have a little more room for the time being. That is until I get more books to sell. Today is the first time I turned on the air condition. I checked the filter which was still clean from my fall cleaning. I will check and clean the filter once a week and every other week depending on the dust.

Out in the yard I have been picking up trash and sticks little by little. I do not know where some much trash comes from since I stay inside most of the time. I need to take a and do a full cleaning around my yard. This past weekend, I refreshed the munch at the bottom of the front steps. I got the bag of munch when I got the new light switch for my front punch light. While working on the light switch I discovered one of my breakers is broke. I will have my friend and mentor come work on that. I trust his work more then mine or any one my landlord would get to fix it. I am still waiting for my land lord to fix the mud puddle problem I have in my parking spot. I am thinking of ways I can fix it myself. I am tried of getting out of my car and stepping into 3 inches of water when it rains. If I fix it my self I will give my landlord the bill. I am trying to decide if I will just plant grass in the yard or plant a little garden too.

The problem with spring cleaning is the list of things to clean seems to get longer as you start cleaning. I think I could take I whole week off and do nothing but clean and still not be done with the cleaning. While I will just continue to do a little each day. Maybe...

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