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Friday, April 26, 2013

Photo Of The Week: Bunny In The Grass

I saw this bunny rabbit in a yard while on a walk with a friend. It gave me a chance to try out the zoom. I am very happy with how it turned turn.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Food Journey: Extraordinarily Detailed Coffee Art

This was a featured video in an email I received from Kim Komando called Extraordinarily detailed coffee art. I have seen people do this in person but not at this scale. I have seen in do with beer too. This video is for all you coffee lovers. Get your coffee ready and watch the video as you drink your coffee.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Food Journey: Blue Cheese On Whole Wheat Crackers

One quick snack, I enjoy having is blue cheese on whole wheat crackers. It is a simple snack but taste great. Blue cheese have an earth taste that I enjoy. Blue cheese is know for blue veins of mold that runs through the cheese. Sometimes, I will get some Gorgonzola cheese which is another type of blue cheese which has a more potent taste.

I hope you give this quick and simple snack idea. Try different types of blue cheese. Some have a mild taste, while other are more potent.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

George Beverly Shea Dies at 104

I grew up listening to George Beverly Shea singing at Billy Graham events through the years. George was one of my heroes alone with Billy Graham. God have called him home and he is singing in heaven now. I praise the Lord for the treasure that George Beverly Shea was and the great example he was. Remembering George Beverly Shea - WLOS ABC13 - Top Stories

Inspirational 91-year-old shoemaker

I enjoyed this video about an inspirational 91-year-old shoemaker in Brooklyn, New York. I hope I can still work if I live to the age of 91.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Bad Luck With This Camera!

While around the beginning of the year my old camera stopped taking pictures. After shopping around a little, I brought a new camera. I was back in business. So far, I have dropped this new camera in a mud puddle and dropped it several other time. I am glad to say I got the camera back to working good after leaving it in rice for a couple days with the lose of only one picture. That was two weeks ago now. This this week, I forgot I had my camera in my pocket and took it into work with me. Nothing to worry about there if I do not take it out. First break comes around and I was going to take my camera out to my car. I put my knife in the same pocket and it got pushed up next to my camera. When I took my camera out the preview screen was broke. It still takes pictures but it is hard to know what the picture look like until I load them on my computer.

I will continue to use the camera but, I am looking at getting another camera. I am thinking of getting a refurbished camera from Sony. I am hoping that since it comes from the factory that it will be okay. The camera will have a 16X optical zoom. That should help me get better pictures to share here on Mountain Highs and Valley Lows. I will order the new camera tonight or in the morning.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Time For Spring Cleaning

With the arrival of spring it is time to start the spring cleaning. I have already starting on doing a little extra cleaning in the house and a little yard work.

They are building new apartments in behind my house. I feel like I am cleaning out cobwebs in my bedroom and hallway more. It is almost like they reappear as soon as I take them down. I have swept and mopped the hallway and put two plastic shelves up for the books in my online store. Less room now in the hallway but I can still get through with no problems. I have straighten the boxes for my book store once again. I did not realize I had that many boxes for shipping my books. I hope my sales continue to go up. With the work I done in the kitchen and living room, I seem to have a little more room for the time being. That is until I get more books to sell. Today is the first time I turned on the air condition. I checked the filter which was still clean from my fall cleaning. I will check and clean the filter once a week and every other week depending on the dust.

Out in the yard I have been picking up trash and sticks little by little. I do not know where some much trash comes from since I stay inside most of the time. I need to take a and do a full cleaning around my yard. This past weekend, I refreshed the munch at the bottom of the front steps. I got the bag of munch when I got the new light switch for my front punch light. While working on the light switch I discovered one of my breakers is broke. I will have my friend and mentor come work on that. I trust his work more then mine or any one my landlord would get to fix it. I am still waiting for my land lord to fix the mud puddle problem I have in my parking spot. I am thinking of ways I can fix it myself. I am tried of getting out of my car and stepping into 3 inches of water when it rains. If I fix it my self I will give my landlord the bill. I am trying to decide if I will just plant grass in the yard or plant a little garden too.

The problem with spring cleaning is the list of things to clean seems to get longer as you start cleaning. I think I could take I whole week off and do nothing but clean and still not be done with the cleaning. While I will just continue to do a little each day. Maybe...

Sunday, April 07, 2013

This Made Me Miss The 80s

Valerie posted this video on her blog at A Mixed Bag: Saturday Special: Remember these? It made me laugh and miss the 1980s.

I still do not own an iPod. I do remember most of the things in the video.