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Sunday, March 03, 2013

Mom's Neighbor Died

Yesterday, we got the news that one of my mom's neighbors died yesterday. Last Sunday, she had a stroke. She died at the hospital yesterday.

I talked with her last Sunday afternoon and everything seemed normal to me. I enjoyed my times that I had talked with her and my mother would sit with her as mom waited for me to pick her up for work in the morning. I had give her a few books which she would read and hand them back to me even though I told her she could keep them. She would always talk about how good, Rayna, my dog was. She thought that Rayna does not bark. I will miss seeing Jo sitting out front of her apartment. Her death makes me think about how someone we see everyday can be out of our lives so quickly. I know Jo's family and friends  miss her and realize what a treasure she was to have in their lives. I know I treasure her smile and kind words. All this weekend, as I looked at the chairs in front of her apartment I felt something dear was missing.
Thank you God for people like Jo. They are the true treasures in our lives.

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