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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Hey, Where Is My Power?

When I got home Monday night from work, my power was off at my house. With no lights in my house I made my way through the house to the breaker box with only the light from my cell phone. It was cloudy with no moon light to come in the windows at 1 in the morning Tuesday. It was pitch black in my house with no lights on. I checked the breakers and everything was on. Okay, I paid my power bill. I made my way back through my house to where I keep my bills. I looked for my power bill to get the number for the power company. I could not find it. I decided to gather up a couple things and head to mom's house to sleep and call the power company in the morning.

After taking mom to work, I headed back home in the morning. As soon as got in my house I found my power bill right on top the stack. I called Duke Energy and reported the power being out. I hate automated systems but I did get a call back within a few minutes from Duke Energy. The guy had me check a couple things and said they would send someone out to check on my power. I asked when I could expect my power to be back on. He said by the end of the day.

I headed back to mom's house and took some more rest and had my breakfast. After I slept some more, I headed back to my house. I wanted to be home when the power can on because I had five books to ship out. Around 1 PM, the guy from the power company arrived. I showed him where my meter was. He checked it and told me I had be bolted out for nonpayment. I told him that I paid my bill and the guy who cut the power must met to cut my neighbor's power. The power meter is one the same pole as my neighbor's power meter. My neighbor has gone to Oklahoma to look for work. The guy from the power company called his supervisor and checked about my power. After his supervisor said I was okay, he turned my power back on.

It was good to have my power back on. Even with the issues I have with Duke Energy, I have to say that in my experience they are quick in turning the power back on after storms and other power outages and they have always given me good customer service. I got back inside and got the book ready to ship for my customers. I dropped them off at the mail processing center on my way to work. People make mistakes. It is not the mistakes that doom a business or a person. It is how they correct the mistake. Good customer service goes a long way in smoothing bad feeling when a mistake or mishap happens even when there is nothing you can do the fix that mistake.

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