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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Fighting Off Sickness

I have been fighting off a nasal infection and cold for the past two weeks or so. When I get to feeling been and my nose clears up I get it again from my coworkers. The good news is I only been taking some ibuprofen once in a while and using peroxide in my nose. Through I am not taking any medication for the nasal infection I am doing better then my coworkers taking different medicines. I do not like to take medicines without letting my body try fighting the sickness off by itself first. When I get sick I will get really sick for a day or so but I rarely get sick. I believe medicine have there place but it seems to me end up taking medicine sometimes when it maybe be better to let our body fight things off. I am not a doctor and recommend seeking the advice of a doctor on the better care for sickness. Prevention is the best medicine. Keeping yourself healthy with exercise and a good and balanced diet is the best way to go. I do worry about some of the people, I see when I go to the health food store. Some of the sickest looking people I have seen is while looking for something at a health food store. I guess I am rumbling with this post. This Sunday is like last Sunday. I feel back to normal and just a little cough here and there and breathing almost normal. See if I caught the infect again from the same coworkers I got it from before.

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