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Sunday, March 17, 2013

A Happy St. Patrick's Day

This has been an enjoyable St. Patrick's Day. I missed church this morning. After I took my mother to work and got my breakfast at Burger King, I went home to get ready for church. I laid down to rest for a few minutes. The next thing, I remember is waking up to see it was 11:30. Church service would be over by the time I get to the church. I hate missing church, my week seems to go better when I start my week going to church.

I got up and checked my email. I sold another book. This week has been I good week for book sales. I am glad to see that I bring enjoyment to people's lives with the books I sell. Reading the great feedback is great. The seeing people returning to buy more books from me is even better. Jo Anne and I have been praying that my books sales continue to improve since them are one way we are paying for the process of getting her here. We plan to use the extra money to help people improve their lives after most of our immigration process in over. We still plan to start a ministry to help people in the Philippines to provide for themselves and improve their lives. Part of our plan is to open a store here in the states which will help people with jobs here.

I spent my afternoon working on my books and listen to Celtic music on The music was very relaxing while I was organizing my books. I needed to make some room since I have over 100 boxes of books, I need to work through and get posted online to sell. My newest supplier has been a good source of books for me. I got another 63 boxes this week that is with out me really making a dent in the over 20 boxes of book in the last boxes I got from her. The good thing is the book have been selling. I even sold a few books this week with in a couple hours of posting them in my store.

With it being St. Patrick's Day, I did wear a green shirt. I keep planning to get a full outfit of green to wear for St. Patrick's Day. This year, I just got busy with other things. Along with listen to the Irish music I watched a couple videos online about St. Patrick. I found this video that gives a little history about St. Patrick.

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